Video Doorbell always goes offline and/or keeps restarting

Dear fellow Wyze enthusiasts… so a few months ago I invested in a pair of video doorbells. Put one on my front door and another on my side door. They installed pretty easily and worked well as intended… until recently. First is that both cams restart when it senses motion or when bell is pressed… BUT this happens ONLY at night when it’s dark out. Otherwise, they work fine during the day. Second, a couple of days ago I noticed my front door video cam had been offline for a while. No motion sense or recording while it’s been offline, and bell doesn’t work either. It’s not my WiFi connection because all my other Wyze devices are online. I disconnected and reconnected and it would go online again. But then it kept constantly restarting itself. I fudged with the wiring for a while and reinsulated to make sure they’re not touching. It was okay for a bit, then it goes offline again. Side door doesn’t have the offline issue, but continues to restart with motion or bell press at night. Getting frustrated. Have my units gone bad? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Can you measure the power output at the wires? The issue of them restarting at night more may be that the irs are on and sucking more power. How do you have both doorbells wired up? Both on same transformer or multiple transformers? I bet they are right at the output level of power that they need to be on, but once the doorbell is pressed or irs come on they restart because the power draw is to much.

They are on the same transformer. Followed install instructions to the tee. They’ve worked perfectly fine until now, so I’m not sure what would cause them to draw more power now than before.

No idea, but are you able to check the power at the wires somehow? My gut says power issue.

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@Omgitstony I don’t have a tester, but… I ended up swapping my units: took the front to the side and side to the front. The front was the one that kept going offline, while the side worked fine. After swapping them, the side (originally the front) is still doing the same thing, while the front (originally the side) is working okay. Bad unit? If so, how do I request a replacement?

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I have the same issue with my doorbell. It will restart anytime it senses motion (usually after about 5-10 seconds), when the doorbell is pushed (immediately), or if I try to use the microphone to speak through it (also immediately). For me, it will happen anytime of day or night. It is extremely frustrating. Is there a solution for this?

Can you measure the power at the doorbell wires? I bet this is a power issue at the doorbell location.