Doorbell camera offline

I was out of town last weekend and when I check my cameras my back door camera was working but my doorbell camera was offline and is still offline. What possibly could be the problem and how would I get it to work again. All I am seeing is a flashing blue light. I tried resetting my router twice which did not help and then checked to make sure the chime was working by pressing the button on the chime which is working. I hit the doorbell and that worked but on my Alexa I did not receive a picture, just “someone is at the front door.”


After the AWS outage removing power from the doorbell, via flipping the breaker has resolved a number of the doorbell issue cause by the AWS outage.

Give that a try.

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I do not have a breaker on my front doorbell.

I have reset my doorbell at least 40 times, I have power cycled the router, What is the resolution? What is Wyze doing to resolve this nonsense? Either fix the problem or buy it back. All my other cameras work fine, what is so special about the doorbell? Why won’t it work anymore? When is this going to be fixed? Am I frustrated? Yes, you could say that. What is the fix?

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I am moving towards getting a Ring doorbell since this seems to be a problem.

The workaround resolution is to fully remove power from the video doorbell. That can either be flipping the breaker off for a short period of time that provides the power to the doorbell… or at your own risk, removing one of the wires from the 2 connectors in the back of the video doorbell that you connected during installation.

@Trekker1 I cannot speak to the differences by way of firmware or development of this device in comparison with the other Wyze cameras. I am only providing information to those asking for assistance as I have experienced as a user of Wyze devices and a frequent information gatherer of this user forum.

@R.Good I appreciate your input. I actually have removed all power to the doorbell repeatedly. I have reset the doorbell repeatedly, I have power cycled the router repeatedly. After days of this, I am at a loss as to what else I could do to make it connect.

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Sorry to hear of the troubles. I would suggest contacting Wyze support via trouble ticket or their call center, if you haven’t.

Or by phone at (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT.

However due to recovery from typhoon Rai, hours are 6 AM - 6 PM PT for at this time.

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Of three video doorbells I have, only one recovered on its own. AWS problem or not, the proposed solution is not acceptable. How many people have doorbells on a separate power circuit. My read here is that the video doorbell is/was not well designed. I had no problem with other non-doorbell wyze cams recovering, If wyze is trying to push a home monitor service, I suggest they invest time in making the doorbell cam more reliable.


having the same issue here too… multiple reboots and resets and wiped to factory and cannot not get it to connect again… been stuck on the blue and yellow light trying to connect after reading the QR code… grrrrrr