Remote Power Reset/restart of Doorbell Camera

I am overall very happy with the Video Doorbell Camera except for one nagging problem… I have to be physically present to restart/reset the Doorbell Camera when I lose electrical power. My Electric Power Company has a habit of short breaks in electrical service - power outages of short duration. This causes the doorbell camera to lose its connection and require a disconnect from electrical power and a reconnection in order to reset/restart the Doorbell camera. Not a problem really but a pain and impossible when I am out of the area on travel. So when this happens I have Zero connectivity. I know I cannot be the only person with this issue… Is there something I can purchase as a work around? - a separate power supply with battery backup? A remote restart option on the Wyze app? Please look into this issue. Thanks for your time.

Welcome to the community @jmikelljr . I am a community member as you and try to help when I can.

Couple of potential options, but I am sure you may hear from others as well:

  1. Have you tried going to the doorbell and clicking the gear at the top right and then go to the bottom of that page and select Restart. Even though it appear you cannot stream or it is off-line, sometimes this does work.

  2. Do you know where your transformer is? Are you comfortable with working with electrical outlets? If so and you can get to it and if there is an outlet near it, you can put a Wyze Plug in the outlet, add a plug to the wires on the transformer and plug it into the outlet. Then if you need to recycle the power, all you do is turn off and on the Outlet. Of Course you would disconnect it from the existing power source.

These are 2 items off the top of my head. I can research other alternatives as well.

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Thanks for the info - will try the gear in the app…

There isn’t an outlet near the doorbell transformer where the inline WYZE resistor is installed - I assume it is to step down the power requirements to the correct levels to run the doorbell camera. The doorbell power is provided by the legacy system.

Thanks again for the app gear info, I had no knowledge of it even as an option to try.

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Won’t do any good. The camera is not connected when it does that to be able to accept a restart command from the application. Have had my power flicker twice and lock up my back doorbell camera. Unless Wyze comes up with a solution, it looks like I am going to have to install a push button to act as a reset at the old doorbell unit to disrupt the power going to the doorbell cams for a few seconds so they can reboot. Surprised that wyze didn’t consider a momentary power flicker will lock up their doorbell cams.