Random Wifi drops - Camera should have daily restart as failsafe

My doorbell cam will lose connection every few weeks - always when I am away it seems, which means it is offline and blinking blue to the neighborhood nonstop.

If I disconnect/reconnect it from the transformer, it comes back fine.

Other Wyze cams have a nightly restart feature just as a failsafe - Why can’t this one too? Would be a big help and address a safety fix—bad guys know what the blinking light means.


That one is frustrating, having to get behind the wall or use a breaker… I don’t think I have to reset my doorbell after a WiFi interruption. I’ll give that a test…

Thanks for the reply----The doorbell drops randomly. Everything else on the network is fine or recovers on their own (20+ things including 3 v3 cams). It’s really that the doorbell loses its connection and can’t recover. The nightly restart would just eventually power cycle it and all would be well.

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For my cameras I do this via a simple Wyze rule/routine - my only one. Lots of people do it with cheap smart plugs, Wyze brand or otherwise.

If the doorbell doesn’t support the rule (I don’t have one) you could attack the transformer supply.

Good suggestion - but aren’t rules coming from the cloud side or do they get executed locally by the device? If they get setup on the device side, that would work, but if its cloud side then the device would not be able to hear the request if it had lost connection.


Hmm, pretty sure the rule is hosted and executed from the cloud side. I view it more as a preventative restart (while the camera is more or less still working), not a rescue after it hangs. For that you’d need a smart plug.

So my answer to this has been to implement a restart rule on the wzye end at like 3AM, but then also to change the doorbell transformer from a hardwired one to a plug-in type that is plugged into a simple digital timer. The timer turns things off for 5 minutes every morning at 1AM. Clunky, but effective.


An earwig found its way into my router riiiiight where my modem connects and it shut down my wireless connection a few times yesterday. After a few router restarts, sure enough… No connecty doorbello. Just to see, I waited a day to see if it would fix itself. Nogo.

I did get notification with a still of me in front of my doorbell during this. Weird.

I used the circuit breaker to cycle the Doorbell+DiningRoom and I’m back in business.