Doorbell restarts all cameras

I have a issue when someone presses my wyze doorbell it causes all my camera feeds to restart.
this is obviously a huge security issue for me.
This is beta app V2.33.2 b159
wyze doorbell

I have a total of 10 cameras which include v3’s, v2’s and outdoor cams. total of 25+ wyze devices (dont want to count)
yes i have a upgraded router that handles it just fine.
this was a pre order day 1 doorbell
tried basic steps, restarting, refreshing all ISP devices, uninstalling app, re isnatlling doorbell etc.
i turned off VOIP calls and was fine for a couple times but now bad again

That is strange. I’ll have to hook my v1 doorbell back up and see if I can verify replicate anything similar.

You say the feeds restart, can you elaborate what you mean by that? Are you Livestreaming on something when this happens (Wyze App, TinyCam, Google display, Alexa display)? Does it interrupt playback recording to the SD card or cloud events? Do you mean the doorbell notification stops the Livestream on your app for some reason? Does it prevent notifications and events occuring on your other cams? Can you give a more detailed example of what you experience and what you mean?

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soon as someone pushed the bell all the cameras restart. i generally have live stream constantly going on my tablet through tiny cam pro., when i open the wyze app to communicate thru the doorbell it i restarting as awell and need to wait like 2 minutes before i can communicate through, by that point they left

Very weird… what’s your WiFi speed down and up? Could be overloading it. Also are you aware of the max devices your WiFi supports? Are you near this limit?

460 up 25 down. pretty stable since i can video render and stream games same time among other things.
i think im around 80 devices connected. upgraded to gaming router. i dont think its the network honestly

Do you know what the max of your router is? 80 devices is a lot. If you know the model of your router I could look it up.

I just looked at mine and all 4 the firmware is if you have not see if you can log out of app then and clear the cache

Okay but big difference between the stream stalling/restarting and the camera restarting. Do you have reason to believe the cameras are all restarting, click/clack start sequence and all?


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