Cams randomly drop connection

Ive been a ring user till i decided to switch completely to wyze since i like the features they offered i bought 2 door bell cams v2, 3 pan cams v3, 2 flood light cams v2, and 2 cam v3 for inside my house hooked them up same spots as my old ring system was using same modem/ router provided by xfinity techicolor xb8 and every 2 to 3 days 3 to 4 cams will disconnect and not connect back up again until i manually unplug and plug them back in except the doorbell cams those i have to reinstall as a new cam . One other thing i noticed if i leave them offline for couple more days the doorbell cams will randomly reconnect on thier own. I went thru wyze support they offered to send me new cams that are having the issues but im wondering if its something else my ring system never had these issues i been reading thru the fourm saw people having issues with the isp provided hardware, any help appreciated

went to tp link axe5300 mesh bridged the xb8, so far so good obviously my coverage is much better but i think the xb8 does some sort a reset every couple of days and the cams drop have a hard time reconnecting for some reason the new system seems to buffer this happening my next step if it happens again is to replace the xb8 with a coda56 but we shall see