New random disconnect issue on 5 cams

I have had Wyze cams for a couple of years now, for the last few months I have been experiencing multiple, random disconnects that sometimes require a power cycle and sometimes clear up after a day or so on their own. I can’t say for sure but it seems to coincide with recent firmware upgrades. I have read some of the other disconnect posts and have not found anything helpful.

  • I have not made any changes to my network since before this started happening including adding new wired or wireless devices. (Other than testing and troubleshooting this issue.)
  • I have 5 cameras, 2 power plugs, and 2 motion detectors.
  • I have a Linksys WRT3200ACM connected to a 500d/50u cable modem.
  • It’s not always the same cameras that disconnect.
  • Sometimes it’s only one of them sometimes it’s many or all of them.

This is a bummer because it makes them totally useless when I am on the road (no one to reset them). I work on IT networks for a living and have done my due diligence to rule out issues on my end. I even set up a second wireless router just for the cameras for a couple of weeks and had the same issue. I moved the wi-fi router to multiple locations, swapped channels, tried a simple SSID, and disabled wi-fi modes not used. I really feel like it is the cameras and I’m really bummed, I’ve done a lot of customization for the front door and roof cameras. P.S. I miss the old person detection.

Here we go again. All but one offline, and this time a different one still working.

No input at all from Wyze? Is this a known issue, or am I alone in this? Time to buy new cameras and ditch Wyze, or do I wait for a fix. This wasn’t an issue in the past.

I think the warranty is only for a year, so anything longer than that and I don’t think you’ll get help. Also cause of the fact that they all seem to be outdoors(even if protected from the elements). If you think it coincided with a recent firmware update, you could always try flashing to a previous one. If that doesn’t work, these are $20 indoor cameras that if you had for a couple years outdoors. Consider yourself lucky they lasted this long and either replace the cameras with equivalent V2s, wait next week to try the outdoor rated cams, or if you’re that disillusioned with wyze try another brand.

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The garage cam isn’t out doors and it’s brand new. They are all varying ages and in a variety of locations, the only commonality is the stated problem. It’s obvious to me what the problem is now…

. . . wyze?