Anyone else having issues with all cameras not authenticating?

I am really sorry I chose Wyze products. Went all in and purchased numerous items a couple of years ago. Gave up on all but one of the wyze plugs, Got tired of having to delete and add them back in. Am about to throw them in the trash. The Wyze cam’s are going off line. Solution says to force stop of app, which I’ve done and no help or power cycle the camera. I don’t want to spend all of my time resetting things.


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The original plugs did have issues with regular disconnection. However, that was fixed with the 2021 and 2022 plugs. I have 16 plugs and none drop offline.

If you are experiencing offline drops with cams, first make sure the firmware is up to date. But, most offline drops are caused by the WiFi network being weak, overloaded, overextended, or local intereference. Older routers do not perform well in the new iOT landscape because they were not built for the purpose.

When I originally installed my cams, I had regular offline drops. Two router upgrades later and I have none.

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Wyze gets slammed so much for failures beyond their control. So many people are using their ISP’s router which was sourced from the lowest bidder. These routers are barely able to handle what they were designed to do. Add in a bunch of WiFi devices, and it struggles.

I would like to start a poll (don’t know how) asking these questions :

  1. Do you use the router supplied by your ISP?

  2. Do you experience issues with the cams going offline, stuttering video, etc.?

My guess is that when the first question is answered NO, the second question will usually be answered NO.

Those who ditch their ISP router usually have more networking knowledge than a 12:00 flasher.

Something else to consider - look at your modem. If it is not DOCSIS 3.1 exchange it. When I turned in my Spectrum router, I also turned in their modem for the 3.1

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