Setting to Automatically restart doorbell?

Is there any way to set the Doorbell to restart at a particular time? I find I have a fair bit of connectivity issues, and that is the quickest, easiest solution.

Volts are consistent at 20, tested with my multi meter a couple of times.

I don’t see anything in the app to sechedule automatic restarts. So what I’m thinking about doing is getting something to cut power to it a some point between the transformer, and the doorbell itself.

First 3 days were great, I could practically get it to stream to any device, now it seems like 9/10 times I want to access it, it is stuck on logging in. I do have the doorbell shared with my family. Does not really matter if I’m on the home network or way most of the time I can’t connect.

Welcome to the forums! There is a “soft” reset that you can do via rules. Create a rule, chose the doorbell under action then reset the camera.


This is sad, I am so used to Wyze products (and some others) not having a feature, or doing what I want I assumed I’d have to build something to force what I want to get done.