Doorbell reset/reboot?

normally if I have an issue w/ a Wyze product I can resort to unplugging it, but don’t know how I would do that with a doorbell - is there another reset option for it someone can share with me? thanks!

You can try a restart from the app if it will connect, In the settings for the doorbell @ the bottom.

If not, toggle the breaker at the sub-panel or main box for the circuit the transformer is on.

Last resort, pull the bell and remove one of the power wires from the lug screw.

What issue(s) is it presenting that it needs power cycled?


Another option is to put a plug on the transformer, where it is hard wired and then use a Wyze Plug in an outlet and plug the Transformer into that. Then anytime you needed to restart the Doorbell, Simply power off the plug and power it back on.

BTW: Assumption here is that we are talking about the Original Doorbell and not the Pro, correct?

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this is simply a pre-planning question before installing - I find there are regular times to fix a Wyze product it best to kill power to it - and wonder how I’d do this for a doorbell.

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yes, this is a question about the ‘not’ Pro model.

when you say “put a plug on the transformer” - not sure I get where you mean by that. You referring to the secondary part that you plug into the wall, and I assume is the bell?

So on some homes the Transformer is in an area which is accessible. The Transformer is what is used to convert the house power to a usable voltage and watts. Since the transformer is wired into the house wiring you could simply Disconnect the Transformer from the where it gets its power, put a plug on the end of it and then use a Wyze plug in another outlet. you can then plug the transformer into that plug and then via the app you can turn the plug off or on as you see fit or even on a schedule. Provided you are inclined to work with electric