Install Wyze Video Doorbell with power turned on

Hi. I can’t find the circuit breaker for my existing wired doorbell/buzzer. I also tried disconnecting 2 transformers/power supplies. Is there a way to install the Wyze video doorbell with the power turned on? I’m an electronics security technician so I can be careful. Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

Welcome to the Wyze community @neildelrosario!
I would suggest trying to find the way to power the doorbell off. You will need to be disconnecting and reconnecting wires so it’s better to be safe.
Make sure do follow instructions in the Wyze app for setup.
The doorbell does not require a special power-cycle like the Wyze bulbs to be setup, but power-cycling may be needed to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Most doorbells are 16 volts. If you really want to do it hot, do so at your own risk. You’d want to verify the voltage of your doorbell with a multimeter.

My first suggestion is to try to disconnect the power from your actual doorbell and not the button.

Grab a multimeter and check the voltage of your doorbell by taking the cover off (most doorbell covers just slide off) and putting one lead on the middle labled “transformer,” and the other on the terminal labled “front” or “back” (whichever you’re replacing.)

If it’s below 24 volts, it’s safe to do barehand but I’d still be careful not to short the wires. Unscrew the wire from the “transformer” and the other terminal and cap them off.

Go back and check your button to make sure there’s no power. If there’s no power, install the doorbell per the instructions.

When powering on the doorbell, you have to be even more careful not to short out the wires because that could damage the Wyze doorbell. Connect the front or back terminal wire and then the transformer wire.

Your doorbell should have power and you should be ready to pair it.

Good luck

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I did mine without turning power off. No issues.

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when in doubt, just hit the main…shut the house off. no worries then.