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What a pain. I decided to get Unlimited Cam Plus today because it is cheaper since I added another camera (V3) and I didn’t want to pay for 5 single cams. I got the unlimited loaded and it is in my account and services but I can only add the new cam to it because the other 4 cams are still on the 4 single cam annual plan which doesn’t expire for a few months. I cancelled the previous plan but it still remains active for a few months so I guess I have to wait until then until I can put all the cams under the new unlimited plan. What can’t a CP plan just go away when you delete it from the account? :upside_down_face: :flushed: :joy: :joy

I figured out how to get all the cams on the new account finally via the Web Site- :beers: time


You have to first unassign the cams from the old license before they are able to be added to the new license. It is a pain. It would be nice if they were still selectable on CPUnlimited, but were colored differently to indicate they already had a different license, instead of just not showing up at all. Then if you select them anyway, it could auto-remove them from the license they were on and switch them to the new CPUnlimited license. That would be way more convenient.

As for why it doesn’t delete the license the moment you “cancel” it…they used to do that and give prorated credits, but then they switched to not giving prorated refunds anymore, and so now you can basically only cancel the “renewal” of the old subscriptions, but not terminate their existence early. You get the full life of whatever you paid for even if you stop using it.

Yes I figured it out on the Web site. I tried to remove the cams on the single cam plus plan from the app and it did not work so I went back to the web site and removed the cams from the existing plan and moved them to the new plan. I knew there was no refund and the old plan would expire in a few months but I just moved them all including all four WCO cams. All 9 cams on the same CP account now and I’m satisfied. You can purchase the new CP plans on the app but you can’t remove or change the old ones is the way I understand it but I could be wrong.?


Weird, I wonder when that change happened. We didn’t used to be able to select cameras on the website. It used to have to always be through the app. That’s weird the app wouldn’t allow you to remove the camera.

I removed them from existing plan via the app but they would not show up as available for the new plan until I removed them via the web site.? I may have done something wrong but I don’t think so.

Very interesting. I accept everything you are saying. Don’t take anything I said above as otherwise. Sounds like Wyze needs to improve the intuitiveness here a little better, because those hoops are a little weird.

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Since Pappy is outta my price range I just loaded up on these.

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One of my favorites, but sometimes hard to find Buffalo Trace in Oregon.


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