CPU killed my Annual CP Plan

So I had cam plus on 2 cameras and 1 camera on CPL. I got all the emails about facial recognition and you can only get it on Cam Plus Unlimited, here, try it for $1 the first month.

Not only is facial recognition as it is crap and not worth a dime a month, but I find out that the annual cam plus I paid for in September is gone and I don’t get it back. But hey, I can pay a higher annual amount to get it back for the time I had already paid for. What a deal. I took a look back at the emails and everything and nothing told me my original CP plan would get cancelled by buying unlimited. After talking to support I’ve read the article about it, but that doesn’t help if I wasn’t notified during he purchase process. I’ve asked for them to just make it right - I don’t need a refund, I just want my old plan back for what I paid for. Last response to them was a week ago and I heard nothing back, and then I followed up today and found out they closed my ticket without responding to me or notifying me that they were doing so.

Am I crazy? I don’t see this as just, and they certainly have it within their power to fix this situation.

I don’t think you’re crazy, I think you probably just misunderstand what’s going on… Unless I’m the one who misunderstands why you want to keep a single license when you have unlimited.

If I already had cam plus unlimited and still wanted to pointlessly pay extra money for an individual license that is already covered by Cam Plus Unlimited, my wife would certainly think I was crazy.

Wyze was trying to do you a favor by canceling the redundant, useless separate license that is already included with the Unlimited plan.

You should have received a prorated credit back for the unused time left on that single plan. If you didn’t receive a prorated credit back (store credit ID it was purchased on the website, or a gift card if it was purchased through the app) then that is what you need to be talking to customer support about.

But, If you want to pointlessly pay an extra $15-$20/yr for an extra license when that’s already covered by the unlimited plan, then I would need a better explanation as to why anyone would want to do that, because I must misunderstand what the purpose is, and I would like to understand what I am missing.

Actually, I can think of 1 reason to have a separate license: if you have some cameras at a second location and don’t want to break the terms and conditions of the unlimited plan which state that all cameras must be for the same location and not for business.

I thought it was a trial offer, so didn’t expect it to cancel my current one. I only got it to test the facial recognition (again, almost pointless and not helpful for me). It’s more expensive to do the unlimited plan than to get cam plus for each of my cams. So I was fully expecting to cancel after first month and forgot. Current cam plus sub cost is more expensive than what I had been paying for as well. Again, had I known (or been notified) I never would’ve signed up.

And no, I haven’t received any credit back. And their article says that I don’t get any refund for unused time.

So, your unlimited plan was monthly but your single plan was yearly?


Ah, yeah, I didn’t think it was supposed to do that for the monthly plan :thinking:

I might need to talk to WyzeMatt about that because monthly plans should probably not be canceling other plans especially if they can’t prorate a credit.

You mentioned something about taking to support already, correct? Do you have a support ticket number for that?

Any help is appreciated! Support ticket

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@wyzematt - any insight? Still quite bummed about losing my annual sub. Support ticket

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