Muting Cameras

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My condominium HOA has agreed to install security cameras within the building premise. To remain in budget we decided to use Wyze Cameras instead of the expensive industrial cameras, for now. In some states it is illegal to record audio AND hear (snooping) audio during live feeds.

My questions:

1.) Is there a way to turn off sound when viewing a LIVE feed? I know it can be disabled when it’s recorded.

2.) If I share the cameras, does the shared guest have the ability to change camera settings, turn on/off, etc: We only want management to have the ability to change settings and not to those it’s shared to.

Thank you for your help!

You would have to remove the mic (V2) or unplug it (V3) to keep it from shipping audio to a live stream. There are posts here to teach you to do that if you are interested. There is also a Wishlist item to get control over live feed audio if you want to vote for that.

Unfortunately shared users CAN turn the cameras on and off. And play with night vision, and speak thru the camera, too. On the V3, I think they can even turn the siren on and off. So you may not want to share these cameras with just anyone. Most of the other settings are not available, and they can’t watch what’s on a SD card.

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Thank you for your reply. I am most interested in voting if you’re able to provide the link?

Also it is most unfortunate that the settings is less customizable. I’m certainly not a tech engineer and may not lean towards tweaking the camera physically. We may have to reconsider using Wyze and seek alternative cameras with the features we seek. We rather not have any lawsuits in our hands.

Again, thank you for the feedback!

Please add a feature to disable livestream audio / microphone (Wishlist item)

Multiple Users’ Permissions for Shared Users (Wishlist item)

INSANELY EASY - Removing V2 Microphone (and unplugging the V3’s mic)

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I am a huge fan of wyze, but in this use case i think a commercial grade or business grade system would be better. Things i think would be important for your use case would be a secure central dvr or nvr storage, tamper proof /vandal proof cameras, higher resolution cameras beyond 1080p, more reliable wired system vs wireless, POE powered, customizable system from the system software and not having to worry about hacking a camera and cutting out a microphone. This use case i think more money now will help secure your establishment better and protect your data.

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