Must reboot phone

once in awhile when I try to view a camera on my android phone the hour glass just spins, it shows trying to connect 1,2,3 trys but just wont connect, it is random and my other v3 do the samething. one is 25 feet from the router the other is in the back yard both show at least 3-4 bars. If I reboot the my samsung note 20 Plus, it will start working fine. this has happened quite a few times and I’m wondering where to start looking for a solution. all cameras are updated as is my android phone and the wyze app.

I would start by “clearing the cache” from the Android app. This will force it to pull fresh info and remove most of the stuff that could be causing a conflict.

One thing that might be easier than rebooting the phone, The next time this happens, try force stopping the Wyze app and then reload it and see if it works.

It is possible that there’s some kind of ram memory leak or something in the phone that is contributing to this issue.

I did do the cache clearing ( find app on app list “wyze” - storage- cache)? I did not try the force stop so I will try that and get back to you. thank you

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I would find someone else phone, a friend, or family member. And install the app on it. Then login and see what happens. Once you see, you can delete the app and give the phone back.

Force stop should normally indeed act the same as a reboot if its an app issue. Not always does force stop work well depending on the app. Wyze app should be an app where it works if its not a phone issue.

Next time you encounter the issue, try tapping the Android airplane mode icon, wait for Android to kill connections, tap the icon again to enable connections, wait for Android to establish WiFi connection, retry live streaming cam.

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Considering that there’s more than a few (billion?) Android phones in the wild where the app works without difficulty. And we don’t even know what version Android on what model phone the OP is talking about, it would be easy to conclude the problem is that they OS on that phone is in bad shape and not performing well.

Reading this forum I think you will see there are quite a few people with Android Phones that are having difficulty with the wyze app just as I am. As stated in my original post my model phone is a Samsung Note 20-Plus and also as stated the phone and app are upto date. I really appreciate your input in this matter.