Two cameras will no longer connect and Wyze android app won't even start

Both Wyze cam pans.
Power cycled. No luck - can’t even reset - because the app no longer even starts. Uninstalled and installed many times.

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What device? What version of the app? What firmware is loaded to the cameras?

Note: you may want to throw in a ticket to support because this is a user based community. I will help you as much as I can.

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Android App version is 2.1.31.

I don’t know the current version of the cameras, as I cannot connect to them. I had updated them about a week ago.

Have you tried deleting and then reinstalling the app?

When you power cycle do you leave them unplugged for 30 seconds or so?

I’ve uninstalled. Powered off. Reset. Everything. Just seems to be completely dead. Installed on a separate phone even - won’t login, won’t reset password, just spins; or sometimes just sits at the splash screen.

I’ve opened a Dev ticket with Wyze… I get the feeling this may need some reset on their backend.

Ah! It seems something has happened to my Broadband modem - the firewall turned on. Perhaps my provider did some kind of software upgrade. I’ve tweaked things with the firewall and the Android app is now working. The cameras are not…but it’s probably the same thing.

So, check your firewall settings if you experience something similar.


glad you figured out what was going on!