Android app not loading

Wyze android app is not loading. All I get is the Wyze “blue screen of death”. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no success. Any advice is appreciated.

I am experiencing the same issue this morning.

There appears to be a backend issue at the moment. I am sure we will hear something official soon. But until then I doubt things are going to be working well. :grinning:

Thank you

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Your welcome!

Experiencing the same issue. I log in, after that the app just minimizes. I can’t get it up for longer then 1 or 2 seconds max. Since I am still in my warranty period. I really need a fix for this before I run out of that.

the issue was resolved by Wyze with an update.

Well, I just installed it, and I have the issue. So… no, it’s not resolved at all.

I have installed an older version (2.4.82) this one does seem to get me further. For now that version resolves my issue. May try other versions later.

Glad your interim fix worked. I’ve gotten into the routine to unplug and reconnect both my cameras every month or so. This also helps me stay connected to them.

This is my first day of owning one. I don’t really mind messing a bit around with it. Although it with be nicer if it worked out of the box. Just for future reference I added the fix to my issue.