None of my cameras will work

I have 6 cameras that used to work just fine. Not sure what happened to change that but when I attempt to check a camera it hangs on step 1, errors out and says to force stop the app or cycle power to the camera. I’ve done both repeatedly and no lasting success. It did work last night for a bit but no joy this morning. Anyone else having trouble?

Can you provide which cameras you have? Also, did you change anything related to your wifi?

My Wyze app on my iPhone had an update last week. Are you on the latest version?

I’m running V2 cams and I have a Deco M5 mesh router. I added a 4th node to help cover a dead spot in the house but I was having trouble before that. I find I can connect if I do a force stop and clear the cache sometimes but it’s not reliable.

My internet seems to be fine and I’m running an android Pixel 4a with the google vpn active. I just turned off the vpn to see is that makes any difference.

I’m also trying to add a wyze bulb and it won’t connect either. It errors out as I’d waiting for connection.

A little more info. I tried adding the bulb with my older pixel phone and it worked fine. I can also see the cameras and can even stream cameras to my chromecast using google home app. I’m thinking there is something on my pixel 4a that is fighting with the cam stuff / bulb stuff on the wyze app. Any ideas would be helpful

Interesting to see I’m not the only one with this problem, I haven’t found a fix yet either.

I have a Pixel 4 XL and have been having the same issue for a couple weeks now on all 17 of my V2 cameras. Any camera I try to view on my phone just hangs on 1/3. Any time I’ve had trouble before I could “Force stop” the app in Android app settings and that would get things to work correctly, but that fix isn’t working this time. I am having this issue at my home and also business locations with cameras. I have not changed anything on my Wi-Fi at either location. I have the problem when my phone is on Wi-Fi and LTE. A reboot of the phone and also cache clearing doesn’t fix it either. Meanwhile, all cameras can be viewed on my wife’s iPhone without issue, so maybe it’s specifically a Pixel issue…