Android 13 Update on Pixel Phone

The Android 13 update came down to my Pixel 4a/5g this afternoon.
For some reason now I cannot play back footage from my V3 cameras (off the SDcard).
Also, when I select a V3 camera from the camera list, the image freezes.
When they are in the multi-camera view they work fine.
The V2 cameras do not seem to be affected by the update.
Events from Cam+ seem to work fine.
My Android Wyze app is at version 2.33.1 (162).
I know this new Android version is coming down to the Pixel 4 on up, so this may be going to cause problems to others soon.

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Clear cache from the wyze app

Log out

Remove app , install

Log in

Maybe can fix it ?

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I did the clear cache and logoff/logon.
This did not fix the V3 camera problem on Android 13.
I am not ready to re-install the app just yet though!

Maybe deleting the app and installing it again can get the playback to load ?

Are you sure that the v3 is recognizing the micro sd card ??

Check settings > advanced settings > manage micro sd card

Check that it’s storing it in the micro sd card

I would even try ejecting the micro sd card

And then inserting the sd card and make sure the v3 makes the sound that it recognizes the micro sd card

All this was working before the update to Android 13.
I am going to call it a night for now, maybe mess with it tomorrow morning!
Thanks very much for the help!

I just updated my Pixel 5 to Android 13 and tested this and I am able to view playback footage from my V3 SD cards okay.

I also loaded up a virtual Pixel 4 on Android 13 and it works fine too (I’ve been using Android 13 on a virtual Pixel 4 for months now without issue, but I just tried again today and it’s still working well).

I guess try rebooting the camera. If that doesn’t work, try swapping the SD card and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise, contact support and they’ll see what they can figure out. I don’t think it is related to Android 13 specifically, I think it was just a bad coincidence. Often power-cycling the camera will fix an issue like this.


I turned off/on several of the V3 cameras, and that did not fix the issue.
I was able to go into settings and view the SDcard status on the V3 cameras, and all showed fine.
When I returned to the live video feed from the settings, live view was working fine (not frozen).
Viewing the contents from the SDcard works too when I use this method.

If I go directly from multi-camera view to single live camera view, the image is frozen.
If I go from multi-camera view to single live camera view, then settings, then back to view, it works fine!
This is a good work-around for me.

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Carverofchoice and Rulwiz,
Thanks for the tips!
I decided to see if my spouse’s phone was having the same problem, and it was NOT.
She has the exact same phone I have (Pixel 4a/5g).
I painstakingly went through all the Developer Option settings. I knew I had adjusted several of these trying to get the Wyze VDB (v1) to work in the past, but all were the same.
I then went into her Wyze App settings and compared them to mine.
I had turned ON “Enable Hardware Decoder” on my settings in the Wyze App trying to fix the VDB.
Once I turned “Enable Hardware Decoder” off, it started working properly again!
You get to this setting by clicking “Account” then “App Settings”.
Thanks again!


Interesting. Thanks for the follow up and clear explanations. This will be a helpful reference if someone else is having a similar issue in the future.

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That was a pretty bizarre problem. It had to be the Android 13 update that caused that switch in the Wyze App settings (Enable Hardware Decoder) to start causing video playback trouble on the V3 cameras. I used the playback ALL weekend on Android 12 and had zero problems. It just happened Monday Afternoon when I updated to Android 13. Hopefully they will get the Video Doorbell (V1) firmware working correctly soon!

Yeah, I wonder if it changed how hardware decoding functions now or something. I might do some testing when I get some spare time.
I know they’re working on the VBD firmware fixes…they just want to stabilize it as much as possible before going public.

Additional note… I have been using the Android 13 beta for a couple months and it has not interrupted anything Wyze related. Android 13 is pretty boring IMO. They should’ve called it Android 12.5.


Yeah, the average person won’t notice much difference at all. Most of the important changes are how things function behind the scenes. Still important, but it seems like it didn’t need to be a “new OS” version for that…should’ve just a decimal increment…BUT I think they partially like to do new OS’s because it looks like progress and like phones were supported through more OS’s, etc. :man_shrugging:

Totally agree… I think they have tightened security, notifications, and made it much easier to see application permissions. Which is long overdue in regards to securing the Google OS. And, as a computer guy, I love to see… but, I’m also a tech nerd and wanted something to play with. So definitely a 12.5 but they have to call it 13 because… capitalism.

Apple people always get new toys in their OS upgrades… Android people get application permissions. ha.


I’m on IOS 16 public beta, and I get lots of cool stuff, such as a wallpaper that automatically tucks the clock behind the subject.

Also the ability to hold on any image and auto cut out the subject.

The fix they put in to block the animation on app close was very nice!
I block all animations using developer mode, but the app close animation snuck into an android 12 update several months ago. There was no way to block it!
It is now gone, and the phone seems a little more responsive.

One of my favorite additions to Android 12 was the ability to disable the MIC and Camera access from the pull down menu.

Anyone upgraded a Pixel 6 pro to Android 13?

I just got the update notice on my Pixel 6 pro, but I think I will wait due to Wyze App…

Waiting to hear from another Wyze user thier experience after upgrading to Android 13 with the Wyze App.

@spamoni4 upgraded his Pixel 6 (and Pixel 5) to Android 13 and I upgraded my Pixel 5. Pretty good so far.

Though my Amazfit band is doing weird random alarms throughout the day that I can’t find or turn off anywhere. I think that’s unrelated, but it started around the same time I upgraded to Android 13 so I can’t be totally sure…it may be the fault of one of the 3rd party apps that connect to it too…but I can’t find any alarms on them doing it… :man_shrugging: I’m about ready to delete and set it up from scratch again or consider buying a newer one now. Again, I don’t think it’s related, but it could be.


As @carverofchoice indicated, I have updated my Pixel 6 to Android 13 and I am not experiencing any issues. Matter of fact I am quite happy so far. I did install it on my Pixel 5 first as a test to see what the impact could be.

I am currently running the Beta App 2.34.0.b72.


I am using a pixel 6 w/ android 13 and several problems have popped up with my wyze hardware. The first problem I now have is that when viewing any of my v3 cameras and video doorbell there is no audio. The audio works fine with the recordings just not live. My next issue is that my wyze headphones are no longer an audio device. They are listed only as phone but no linger work with music and in all actuality, I have not attempted to make a call with them. However, I did try to delete my headphones and reconnect them and now the app can not find them. The only hardware that I am not having any issues with (so far) is my v1 cameras but I have not yet attempted to try out my robot vacuum yet but I will give an update when I do. So far android 13 does not play nicely with wyze hardware but I will keep testing things and try to find workarounds since wyze has been notoriously bad at fixing issues.