Cam v3 indoor/outdoor with pixel 6

Have a few v2 cams. Just received 2 camv3. have an old iPhone 6 that can connect to the camv3 just fine. Android client works fine with v2. For v3 connects and sends audio but no video. played with pixel 6 60/120hz refresh rate setting, set fonts to normal and gave full location access. firmware is updated. any ideas?

Running a Pixel 6 pro here with No Issues at all.

Make sure camera firmware and App version is current

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yes, firmware in camera is current and app is current and all system updates and patches are current in phone os. I also tested with and without 32gb micro sd card. Another thing I noticed is they are both new cameras but the 2week cam plus trial is only activated on 1 of the cameras. I also have a pixel 6 pro.

I forgot to mention I wiped the cache for the wyze app also. I just wiped the data for the app and it started working. (same as uninstall-reinstall wyze app) Possibly version update error. when this kind of thing happens it’s a nightmare for support trouble shooting when everything else works. I read about some people needing a power cycle on the camera but nothing about the app. Hope mine was a .01 percent otherwyze they might have to post that up in their solution for their older costumers. been using v2 for about 2+ years now.