I have been a customer from the beginning… You should be able to associate my login/forum profile with my accounts both “Gmail” and “Outlook”.

Note I have purchased (verify please) 10+ of your V1-2 camera, 5 of your Pan models, 6 switches, 5 of your “Sense” implementations 8 mounting kits, and a partridge in a pair tree from you guys over these many years.

Having said that , you guys are DESTROYING all the GOOD WILL you have built up for WYZE fanatics like myself with associations… Note I purchased the “IHealth Thermometer” and Masks WYZE so graciously “recommended”… And to say those like myself appreciated the AWESOME effort looking out for your customers, is well painting a very poor image of the heartfelt gratitude we HAD for you.

Yet from DAY 1 this has been an fiasco, after successfully using the unit the very second I opened the package and installed the batteries it worked. Since then in the same environment, while ensuring there were no “atmospheric” or “climate” irregularities even going as far as using my “ThermoPro TP50” to ensure the ambient room temperature was nominal… Still NA-DA.

And Forget about the “MASK” fiasco… HAHAHAH that was my bad for thinking “shipping” meant they would come to me and not sit around “wherever” thinking about leaving…

SO yes this has been quite a diatribe, and cathartic… And well freeing. I know now I can literally get better response and service from all the other retail clowns (Check out the responses on my “tickets”). So thank you for ensuring I think seriously the next time I feel the urge to relapse and buy another thing from WYZE. You have set me FREE (and quite clearly A LOT of others, as I read through this forum) . * Stick to what you are GOOD AT… YOUR PRODUCTS… Not all this other tripe you are throwing away your hard earned reputation and your clients GOOD WILL on.

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Thst was confusing. I assume you’ve posted more details previously.
I assume the thermometer worked once but hasn’t worked since? Did you try known good batteries? The ones thst came with wouldn’t be trustworthy.
How long have you been waiting for the masks?

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First I think you meant “That” and not “Thst”.

Confusion can be frustrating. Yet this “missive” was intended solely for Wyze… Sort of a direct message to the powers that be (i.e. not intended for you, or the general population) yet this was the venue afforded and the one I utilized (yes I did use the “Ticket” system and it is a joke).

Regarding your confusion. The details omitted are to ensure my anonymity as a customer but easily referenceable to the audience it is intended, Wyze. That is if they choose to read it, This post has little value aside from a heartfelt comment to the obvious or to those who are fans and want, or rather desire Wyze to make a 180 and stop offering these “services” or assist thees efforts with better QA; or a realistic release campaign.

Thanks for the comment.

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This forum isn’t the way to get a message directly to Wyze. It’s a user forum not a Wyse support forum.


I think you meant these not thees . :slight_smile:
Typos are a problem for all of us.

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Shipping wise things, are slower than normal for everyone, if you haven’t noticed there’s a worldwide pandemic.


A bit ironic that the product he is waiting for is something to help protect people from the pandemic.
It’s good of Wyze to help distribute masks but if they can’t do it in an acceptable time they shouldn’t bother.


Thees is plural of thee. Like youse is to you.

How to use youse in a sentence.

(This is a good natured comment. Don’t bang on me. :slight_smile: )

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I have to agree with angus, confusing post. It appears you are complaining about the thermometer? You do know that wyze did not create it right?


This product is not made by Wyze. In response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we here at Wyze identified a few key products that would benefit our employees and our users during this crisis. We partnered with this company and, using our supply chain expertise, are able to quickly bring these products in for Wyze users, health care companies, and government agencies. Wyze is committed to bringing in this product at the best possible price. For more information visit our Wyze In Response page.

Most MO companies (including my own) have learned pretty quickly how to contend with the new abnormal.

My customers are all informed to anticipate possible delays via shipper chosen, and a short fulfillment delay is possible from the normal within 24 - 72 hour time frame.
So far I’ve met my commitment.

Normal days we will ship 40-120 orders from approx 600 items of varying complexity, including build on demand products.
That is scalable to 1000 orders in a day.
Pretty good for a mostly 1 man show.

If I see in excess of 50 orders I reach out to as many helpers as may be needed.
I have also learned after years to know my seasons and anticipate order volumes to make sure I have sufficient help scheduled when required.

We rarely lose an order (avg 3 annually over 20 years), and shippers rarely lose our shipment.
On top of this I ship globally, clients in 50+ countries, and I abhor customs paperwork.

It’s a very simple system:
Each morning Batch Print orders in sequence for FIFO
Review orders for Assembly on Demand (AoD) orders & flag
Queue orders & print order fullfilment log sheet
Batch Pick all regular orders
Batch Pack all regular orders w/ order sheet & marketing materials, Seal & Weight, Order code Package
Log complete batch Regular orders
Enter order batch shipping Labels
Apply Shipping labels
Repeat for AoD

Meet scheduled pick up commitments & drop off time frames.
This is called assembly line workflow, lesson learned from Henry Ford.

I see wyze shipping methods and I think


This is what irritates me so much about how my orders from them & support have been handled.

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Meese for mouse

I agree that they should’ve stuck with what they know and that should’ve been it. It wouldn’t stop their business in anyway all other online businesses have continued. Their goodwill has ended up backfiring and hurt them more than help them

Whom? Meme! -Boris Badenov, via Rocket J. Squirrel :slight_smile: