Moving and new hub

Hello, I am moving to a new home and I also need to add a new hub, since the one at my current home is not working properly. How should I go about doing this? I am grandfathered in at the 4.99 per month price. When I go to remove the old hub, it says that my subcription will be reset? Any help you can provide would be most helpful. Thank you.


I would probably clarify with support so you have it in official writing (chat or email) to be guaranteed that switching to a new hub won’t make you lose your grandfathered rate.

After you get someone to agree to that, then I believe by “reset” it just means you will have to go through the settings again to set the service up on the new hub. I don’t believe it will affect your rate or cancel your service or anything, just make you re-enter things like which phone number they should contact, what the address is, which sensors should be included in home or away and all those things. I am pretty sure that’s all it means by “reset” the service…but given that you are dealing with a grandfathered plan you want to make sure not to lose, I just suggest getting them to confirm that first. Then if anything goes wrong you can show evidence that you were assured you’d keep your grandfathered rate and get someone to fix it.