Home Monitoring Hub

I have a couple of questions regarding the new Home Monitoring system coming in March:

  1. Can the door/ window access sensors be armed without the motion sensor being armed? I want the system armed when at home, but not have my movements in the home restricted.

  2. Can specific door/ window sensors be disarmed and rest of system armed? I like to be able to go in/out of the back doors, but want to know the front doors are armed/ closed/ secured.

  3. Does the system alert you via the app if the hub is disconnected from the Internet… due to either Internet provider outage or burglar cut cable line?

  4. Does the monitoring service see that my hub is disconnected from Internet and attempt to contact me?

  5. Is the monitoring service required for the hub to function as a standalone siren alert?

  6. Can I add or remove the monitoring service at any time? It seems there is an option for an annual contract of some type for $60/ year, but I am not clear if an annual contract is required or if I can add/ remove the service at any point and, if possible, fees that would apply.

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