Motion Sensors Time Out of Sync (Minutes ahead)

I currently have 3 motions sensors in use, a single v1 and two v2. All of which show motion alert times that are between 2-4 minutes ahead of actual time.

Is there any way to fix this? Maybe something similar to the advanced cam option “Sync Time”?

I’ve tried the following:
Reboot Wyze Sense Hub
Remove & re-add Motion Sensors


Screenshot example of time discrepancy.

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Welcome to the forum @plebsin!

I generally have not had my event notifications on, so I had not really monitored in relation to time. So I turned them on and saw the saw response. Where my notifications are a +2 minute difference.

I do not have a resolution, but will dig around and see what has been discussed and if there is any info I can direct you to.


Sounds like this is a known issue and the Wyze team is working on it. No ETA at this time.


Just to add I’m experiencing the same thing with v2 sensors, Glad to hear its being looked at as it concerning that my entry sensor times are off.

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Seeing same thing here with v2 sensors. Time stamps are off several minutes

I’m seeing the same time sync issue with new and vintage V2 Motion sensors. It really affects a sensor initiated video because the cam never shows any motion at the sensor noted time.

Just an update: This should now be resolved with the latest firmware that was recently released:

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This is amazing news, I was tracking this thread for the same problem and appreciate you posting the update here!


Mine are off by exactly 2 hours. It’s like it thinks I’m in Pacific time. Everything else is right.