Wyze Sense and time code

So, I got the pre ordered Sense package ( thank you ) and had a little trouble setting it up. At 1st the bridge wouldn’t display the blue light… removed and replaced… rebooted and nada. Then I pulled power and on repower it came up. Then I mounted two contact sensors ( about 5 feet from the Pan ) and the both setup fine. However, one worked once and stopped reporting. The other seems fine.

So, I deleted and readded the wonky unit. Took a few tries before it decided to report. Now it works but is two hours ahead, time stamp wise…

What can I do to get it reporting the correct time when triggered?

Is the time on the camera with the bridge correct? There is an option for the camera in Advanced Settings to Sync Time (from live stream view portrait mode, tap gear in top right, then tap Advanced Settings, then at bottom tap Sync on right next to Sync Time. Maybe that would also help correct the sensor timestamps if the camera time was off also.

So far nothing I do seems to resolve. I think it is related to something that happened when I was in the EST and checking the cam… I am in the PST and something about alerts got changed and won’t change back.

[solved] So I am running the beta software and last firmware updates went a bit wonky all units went offline. So I deleted them and added them back.

Now all time stamps are in sync. My conclusion is that I should have removed all and add them back to get sync again.