Notification time - bad time

when I receive a notification on my cell to alert me of a noise or a movement, the indicated time is incorrect. how can I put the right time

You can try syncing the time on the camera with your phone’s clock:


I have the same problem on Android. I synced the camera time, but still get the wrong time on the sensor notifications. When I Go into the sensor to see the notifications, the time is correct

Yep me too!
On Android version 9
Every alert notification on the phone is one hour ahead
I am not on daylight savings time
I have resynced the time on the cameras and sensors
This has to be a bug as it only started after a firmware update.
Can someone please look into it. It’s a pain

Same here. One hour out on all notifications

My sensor times are off by 8 hours! It is 8:38 am EDT and motion detector showing ongoing motion at 0:38.

I have synced time on the camera that holds the bridge but both motion sensor and magnetic sensor are way off time.

Ok, restarted camera and now the bridge is not showing in the device and sensors offline. This is a V1 camera and beta app 2.5.21.

@Marcin did the bridge get removed from the V1 camera support?

Solved with a full power cycle of camera. Sorry for the troubles, but camera was in a difficult to access area.

Now to get it back where it belongs. :thinking: