Time zone is off for notifications only

After a recent vacation I have noticed that the notifications I receive on my iPhone are still displaying the time for a time zone far, far away. Everything seems normal in the app and my cams were never synced to a different time zone. For example I will get a current alert notification that says motion was detected at 4:12pm when it is actually 7:12am where I live but 4:12pm where I was vacationing. Inside the app all times are displaying correctly, it’s JUST the pop-up notifications that have the issue. Any thoughts?


Hey there, welcome back to the forums. Click the “Sync Time” option in the camera settings. If this doesn’t work, this usually requires uninstalling, installing, and logging in again to the Wyze app.

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Thanks - reinstalling the app fixed the issue. I had a feeling that it would but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.