Notifications off by 3 hours

After the update, I’ve turned notifications on for person notifications only (Great feature BTW!). However, when I get a notification on my phone, it’s three hours behind the actual event. The timestamp is correct when viewing the event in the app; just not when the notification comes up on my phone. This is happened with all four of my cameras at two different locations.

Edit: I’ve used the “Sync time” feature for all cameras.

This is an iPhone 6, running iOS 12.3.1

I want to make sure I understand your issue. Are you saying the notifications are showing up on your phone three hours after the event?

It’s actually the time stamp on the notifications. The event will take place at 12:00PM, the notification will say “Person detected on ______ at 9:00AM” The correct time will be displayed in the app.

That is odd, I have not personally encountered that. Let me do some playing, in the meantime I would open a support ticket.

FWIW, all of my notifications (cams, sensors, etc.) are an hour off as well. The times are accurate on my phone and on the devices and scheduled shortcuts seem to still go on/off at the correct times, it is just the notifications that report timestamps an hour ahead.

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The only thing I can think of is I did travel to a different timezone a few weeks back. But I had notifications off at the time. Not sure if that would have caused anything.

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I did as well. And the one hour offset is the timezone that I was in at that time. When I checked the cameras in that timezone I clicked “Sync Time” when prompted for the cameras and then I did “Sync Time” again when I returned to my original timezone. The times appear to have changed on the devices themselves just fine, but the notifications remained in the +1 hour timezone.

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I’ve put in a ticket with Wyze. I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to speed on what the fix process is.


Issue has been resolved! Best solution is to delete the app and reinstall. The rep had me try deleting app cache and then syncing the time on all cams. That didn’t do it so delete and reinstall of the app was was next. I was having this issue on an iPhone 6 running iOS 12.3.1.

A big thanks to John from Wyze support for helping this get fixed!

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