Sense devices very unstable

I set up several contact and motion sensors prior to a trip. A day or so after my return, some of the sensors showed to be offline, but they are not. They do send notifications even though they show to be offline.

Also they are out of sync the current time (approx 18 hours behind).

I just reset one of the contact sensors, but when I started the “set up a new device” to reconnect it (and hopefully solve the offline and the out of sync time), only one of the four bridged cameras show up, and it is too far from the contact sensor to connect. BTW the LED’s on each of the cams is solid blue.

I have no idea why 3 of the 4 hubs don’t show up, even after a refresh. What do I need to do to bring these 3 back into view? Thanks in advance

Should have mentioned that all four cameras are operating properly

P.S. Don’t want everyone to rush in all at once, but anyone got any ideas?

Try power cycling the cameras with the bridge , if that doesn’t help , unplug camera with bridge , remove bridge , plug camera back in and wait for solid blue light then plug the bridge back in and wait for solid blue light on the bridge

Check this guide

for further assistance you can submit a support request here


I to had the same issue. I found the sensors had to be close to the camera.
In the same room or adjacent room with no more than one wall.
If you have one or two bars the sensor’s will be unreliable.
I moved my close and all seems to be working

It’s true that a weak signal can cause connection problems but , in my case I have sensors at one end of the house and one bridge at the other end and I don’t have issues

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HD, that did it. Only required removing bridge, resetting cam, and adding bridge back.



That’s Great, glad ya got er fixed :+1:

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