Wyze Sense Hub Notification Change

About a week or two ago my Wyze Sense Hub Offline Notifications went from Eastern time zone (which is correct) to GMT time (5 hours ahead right now). The times on the notification are now in the future when they are first seen. How can it be changed back to Eastern time zone? Also, only Offline Notifications for the Wyze Sense Hub are sent. How can I get Online notifications for the Wyze Sense Hub also?

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I am sorry this is happening. Did you happen to travel outside of your time zone recently?

No, we haven’t travelled outside of our time zone lately. I can’t think of when we last left the time zone. It might be almost a year ago when we went to Germany for 2 weeks, and this issue never happened then. What can I do? Also, how can I get Wyze Sense Hub Online Notifications?

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I know we are looking into a permanent solution, we had this happen a lot recently when people traveled to another time zone it was not switching back when they returned. I can give you what we did to fix that temporarily. Change the time zone in your phone settings and reboot your phone. Wait 10 minutes or so and let your cameras trigger some events. Then change your phone settings to your correct time zone, reboot and trigger some more events and the cameras should go to the correct time.

Edit: I wrote the instructions like the issue was with cameras, it should work the same with sensors just trigger the sensors.

I tried the above, but it didn’t fix the problem. My Offline Notification overnight still showed GMT not EST. How do we add a Hub Sense Online Notification so we know when everything is communicating again?

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@WyzeJasonJ Your suggestion actually made it worse. My Hub Sense notifications still show up as GMT time, but my camera notifications now are showing up in CST, not EST. Going to try the process again to see if I can get either time zone problem straightened out. Any other suggestions?

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@WyzeJasonJ After running through the entire process again I was able to get the sensors back to EST, but still no change for the Sense Hub Offline notifications. Those are still GMT time, 5 hours ahead of Eastern

Any other suggestions?

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I do not, that was the only thing that I know that has worked for some. We are still looking for a permanent fix.

Just want to add to this discussion. My four cameras all show the correct time. My Wyze sense hub showed the wrong time during a recent, temporary power outage.

I guess the question may be, during a power outage, what’s generating the time stamp for the “sense hub down” message? I haven’t run a test on the sensors themselves once it came back online.

Adding that recently we’ve had spotty Internet outages which triggers the hub offline notifications, and the times are very inconsistent. Looking at the time of notification and the time that is displayed of being offline, it’s not the same time difference each time, not even whole hours difference, so for me it doesn’t seem like just the time zone is wrong but more random and unrelated to the actual time. It would be helpful to have not only a time sync, similar to the cameras, but also an event log in settings, similar to the individual devices connected to the hub.

we will double check internal logic and report back here.

Thanks reporting this issue

@Brian_CT @otter111a @gsanta
really appreciate for reporting this.
This lead us to find a bug cause this offline notification calculate the the wrong timezone.
We have fixed last night.

Thanks again!

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I’m glad you were able to find and correct the issue. Now can we get Sense Hub Online notifications so we can see when service is restored, not just when it goes down?

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