Motion Alert display time 1 hour late when Daylight Saving Time active

The event time displayed on push notifications motion alerts is 1 hour behind. this seems only to be an issue since the Daylight Saving Time becomes active two weeks ago.

All other times are OK in the App and video overlay display.




Have you done a time sync with the camera. It should have happened automatically, but you can do a manual one to be sure. Click the settings gear icon, then Advanced Settings > Sync Time.

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Same here with my 4 cams installed after the timeshift. Reset, reinstalled, sync…without success. Always 1 hour off on the notifications.

Thank you Loki for the response. Here are some updated information on this that might be useful for diagnostic purpose:

  1. I did try the ‘Sync’ function from the Wyze app. It did not solve the issue.
  2. I also tried rebooting without success.
  3. Interestingly, the issue seams to affect only IOS notifications. I have the Wyze app installed on IOS (iPad) and Android (Samsung phone). The exact same Wyze motion Notification on Android show the correct time while it is 1h off on the iPad. It would be good to see if the other people having this issue are also all using IOS…
  4. For completeness, I tried to do the ‘Sync’ from both the Android app and than later from within the IOS app to confirm there was no correlation. I confirm it made no difference.

So for summary:

Wyze IOS motion notification text content include a time value that does not observe the Daylight saving time 1h adjustment.

Every “time value” displayed by Wyze elsewhere is ok (Android notifications, Events tab, Video superimposed time).

Hope this can help locate and fix the bug. If not, then the good news is that this will get resolved by itself in about 7 months :wink:

Best regards and keep the good work.

That’s all good info. However, I’m not a Wyze employee (just a fellow user). The way to get Wyze to look into this is to file a support request. Click Support, top right, and scroll down to the bottom of that page. Even better, do so from the Account section of the app so the log files will be included.

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Five iOS devices on my side with the same problem.

Expected latest IOS mobile App (2.2.40) to maybe fix this but the problem is still there,

As suggested, I’ve submitted this issue using the support section of the Wyse App.

Thanks Loki.

Same issue on my side (iOS version). This is a minor one and I’m wondering where we can find details of the ticket that was submitted by Michel. Is there a number or better a link to track the progress of the resolution? Thx

Hi Celinium,

My Wyze Ticket Number for this issue is 203099

They don’t seams to have an online bug tracker. All communications are done by email.

I did received a reply from Wyze saying they are investigating this issue.

Best regards


Same issue with me. iOS and 4 cameras have sync etc.

Hi Michel. Just wondering, did you receive an update regarding the ticket you created last month? Thx in advance for the information you can share on this topic.

I have the same problem, but on Android (9). The only difference is my notifications show 1 hour forward which is I guess because I’m in Australia and we’re currently on winter time. So if the event happened at 8:00am the notification will say 9:00am. All the timestamps within the app, including the timestamp on the video, will show the correct time (8:00am). Tried syncing, reseting, just updated to latest firmware… makes no difference.

I just had this problem after traveling. I was able to correct it by deleting the app and reinstalling. All alerts and times are now correct.

I’m having the same issue on my iPhone 6 on my initial setup, and even with the latest BETA Wyze app installed, it’s still there. I’ve an Android 8.1 device, but haven’t tested yet the Wyze App on it.

Wondering if this has been fixed

Since daylight savings mine has had the same issue. On iPad and iPhone, the time stamp shows “motion triggered at 12:30” but it’s actually 1:30
It’s a bit annoying looking g back when I’ve had my phone in my pocket because I don’t actually know where to scroll to in the recording of the camera
In the app it’s all fine. I’ve also done all the above including sync
It’s currently April 25,2020

Nope not fixed .I have all of the above on all IOS devices Can’t get an answer from Wyze .Also I am in the UK