More options for Bulb Color

I would like to be able to create a rule to turn my color bulb on to a specific color rather than just color temperature options

Any way to setup rules to select bulb scenes yet? For holidays that would be a great tool…


Create and run a sequence of colors - a color program - color, duration that can repeat in a loop or random color changing mode. Or set scenes that change colors using different color palettes for different moods.


I see that you can do person detection on the cam and then increase brightness to 100% on the lights on my porch. This is nice because it tells whoever is walking to my door that they are being watched. But once it’s at 100% there is no way to automate going back to the prior brightness of 50%. So it would be great to add a timer to that rule to increase brightness only for a certain number of minutes and then revert back to the previous brightness level.

just an overall “revert to previous state after timer” added to the rule. This would then accommodate if I change the brightness, the color, or anything else. After the set amount of time it would just revert back to the original state.


I have a question for Wyze color bulb users. Do you know if you can change bulb color with an Alexa command?

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Yes, you can.


Awesome! Thanks!

Can we get an update?

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I totally agree. In fact I purchased my color bulbs specifically because I expected to have functions built in.
I just turned on holiday lighting effects (red green cross fade) on several outdoor lamps porch lights and pole lights. The same Magic Bluetooth light bulbs you mentioned. We also do a full color strobe at midnight on New Year’s Eve.
These features simplify holiday lighting.
Then in a few weeks we go back to regular with a warm white that slowly fades down to bedtime and lights out.

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It can but I think there are only a handful of specific color names that are recognized by Alexa - red, soft white, blue, and a few others. I think the recognized color names show up in the Alexa app

I just set my other color bulbs to a red/green cross fade for the holiday season. I set each bulb to a different speed so they are purposely out of sync. We’ve been doing out outdoor lighting that way for the past few years. Would certainly like to add the wyze bulbs to that party.


We did this last year but with all the color lights on the tree - red green orange purple blue gold. But we did it with a Philips Hue bulb ‘scene’. How do I do that with a Wyze color bulb?

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With these seemingly easy to implement suggestions reaching almost a year old on this forum, where are the updates? Just need to know if it’s even being worked on, before I switch to a bulb that has party modes.


I’ve had the color bulbs since they were released and can confirm NO additional features have been added, ie the most requested feature to add ‘cross fading colors’. It seems like a very basic request for a “smart, color bulb”, but Wyze has failed horribly at implementing it.


Most of the features were indeed completed or included by launch time on this product.
According to the various firmware/software release notes, the features since launch include:

  • Support for a Timer
  • Sun Matching
  • Grouping with Light strips and the extra features that go along with that.
  • Vacation Mode indicator
  • Other UI updates
  • Updates to or Currently testing Updates to improve functionality of Sleep Routines, Music Mode, time zone settings schedules, bugs, etc.

I’m glad they have been continuing to work on it. Most recent beta testing on new firmware was released 1/24/22 and will hopefully go out to production soon.

I definitely would love to have some other new features as well including something like the crossfading colors suggestion, especially for use during various holidays. I encourage people to continue to vote for this even though it’s already in Road-map, to show interest in continued feature additions.


bring on the color temp #'s and RGB hex codes woooooo


You know, for all the people who complain here on this post only a pettily 69 of ya’ll have actually voted on the feature at this link. Color cycling with Wyze color bulb

What are you waiting for? Go vote for the feature people!!


Thanks, I didn’t even know that wishlist existed, I’m sure others too.



You seem to have a bit of an inside scoop where the color bulbs are concerned… I was immensely excited when I saw music mode as a feature in the color bulb section of the app, as if you scroll up a ways it was a requested feature I submitted in this very thread June '21 and then immediately equally, if not more so disappointed when I tapped on it only to find there was a catch - the feature can only be used with the color bulbs if and as of now only if synced with the Wyze LED strip lighting.

To your knowledge, is there any plan in place whereby the color bulbs can utilize music mode without being synced to one of the LED strips? I’m sure that they’re a decent enough product but I have more LED strip lighting than anyone needs in several lifetimes and quite frankly especially the hundred or so feet that I’ve purchased in the last year or two with RGBIC (depending upon manufacturer the technology goes by several different names, MagicColor DreamColor etc., but essentially it just describes a more advanced LED strip as compared to the original SMD 5050 LED strips( which I believe is closer to what the Wyze variety is), whereby each individual LED can be a separate color and as such at least from my initial assessment which admittedly was not very thorough because regardless of the features at the price per foot and really even if it was half of the cost, I still had no need for any additional LED strip lighting, but that initial assessment was that what I already had more or less blew the Wyze offering out of the water. Combine that with the fact that I managed to buy 100 ft or so for roughly $40 (which in fairness to Wyze is impossible to beat for RGBIC lighting), the cost differential was nothing to scoff at either. So to put it bluntly, I have no interest in the Wyze LED strips. However, I see great value in the color bulbs and obviously see considerable value in a feature like music sync or music mode, whatever you want to call it. I’ve already been waiting for over a year since I received my color bulb set. I don’t mind waiting a bit longer to see it come to fruition, but I’d like to know whether or not that will ever be the case for the color bulbs sans Wyze LED strip?

Any insight I’m able to glean at your discretion would be super appreciated!

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I just read/watch/listen to everything from Wyze in multiple platforms and events and keep up with a lot of info (hence why they gave me the title of volunteer “Maven”).

Unfortunately, the current line of Color bulbs do not a microphone in them, so they would require another source to process that. In theory, that source could be done through the phone’s microphone if the app was loaded and given permission to use the microphone constantly. In theory, it could also be done through 3rd party links with Google or Alexa if Google or Alexa built support for this (which I do not believe they currently allow). That is why Wyze has elected to allow linking the bulbs into a group with the lightstrips so that the light strips’ microphone can be used to control the color bulbs as well. That’s where the limitation is. I am not aware of Wyze indicating support for bulb music mode in any other way due to the microphone requirements and other 3rd party support limitations.

HOWEVER, as a slim hope, it is possible that the MATTER initiative will make this possible, but I would say that is at least a year out. The Matter consortium has pushed launch out multiple times, so who knows for sure, but currently it is expected to launch the first phase end of this year. Then Wyze will work on implementing it into some of their devices. I BELIEVE the color bulbs should meet the minimum requirements for Matter, so I hope they should be able to be supported. If that is the case, and Wyze makes them Matter supported, then they will be able to connect to other 3rd party devices and platforms and possibly be able to leverage microphones and features of others, including possibly having music mode without using the Wyze Lightstrips. But again, that’s pretty unsupported, wild specualation, so don’t quote me or bank on it.

Another option is to buy a Wyze LED device (maybe even a used one from somebody trying to sell theirs online), just for the controller. Even if you aren’t ever going to use the light strips themselves, it’s the controller you really want. You plug in the controller and have that be the thing to control the color bulbs for music mode, etc. That’s probably what I look for. Considering the 16.4’ standard lightstrip is only $19.99 when new at full price, you might be able to find one in classifieds/marketplace/auction for really cheap. I saw one sell on ebay for $6.90 new. So, that’s an option, probably the best option to be honest.

I can’t honestly give you hope beyond the above. Don’t count on Matter until it’s officially supported on the bulbs and someone figures out how to do. Otherwise the only realistic option is having it grouped with a Wyze Lightstrip or at least the controller, even if you don’t actually use the lights (I’m assuming the controller will work without a strip in it…otherwise a single foot should suffice at worst.

That is an amazing price to be sure!

Don’t worry about edits, it’s okay to update and clarify and add new thoughts, that’s what it is there for, I do it all the time, maybe more than anyone :rofl: