Monitoring cost per camera per month appears too high for large number of cameras

We have 11 cams * $5/cam/month = $55/month * 12mon/yr = $660/yr. You’re kidding, right? Professional monitoring is much cheaper per year. Better pricing is needed at scale with many low cost wyze cams, at least according to my brief look at this. Am I missing something?

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Where did you find the cost /camera?

Monitoring Services not CamPlus

I can’t even see a way to add a V2 or V3 but I tried adding 3 pan cams and it only increased the equipment price. No mention of monthly.
I suspect they have not pre-configured a plan for those of us with umpteen cameras.

The HMS subscription includes one Cam Plus license. Additional cameras you don’t need another HMS subscription for. You would just get more Cam Plus licenses for those, which is $2 per month per camera, or $15 a year ($1.29/mo) per camera on the current promo pricing.

So with 10 additional cameras it would be $300 + $50 for HMS hardware per year if paid monthly, or $210 per year if paid annually (HMS hardware is included with annual subscriptions).

It’s important to note that according to the FAQ, cameras will not trigger the alarm if detecting motion. They will only trigger an alert to your phone.

So if we wanted to monitor (>12 seconds our definition) 4 cameras, it would be cam plus cost (~$50) + 1.25 * 3 * 12 ~ $110/year. Why is this common use case not clearly stated on the subscription page? :wink: How many of your customers have more than one camera?

I may have gotten confused by your original posted in thinking you were looking to include the Home Monitoring Service, since you compared it to professional monitoring pricing.

If you’re looking to just self-monitor cameras and not the home monitoring service on top of that, then it’s just $15 a year per camera. If you are looking to include home monitoring service into your setup then that will include a single cam plus license with it for $50 a year. Again however, camera triggers cannot set off the alarm nor alert the monitoring company. It will only alert your phone in which you can then set the alarm off from manually if for whatever reason one of the entry detection devices linked to the home monitoring hub was bypassed.

But you also mentioned less than 12-second monitoring. The cameras will provide you with motion-trigger recordings up to 12 seconds long with a cooldown period of five minutes for free. You don’t need any service if that’s all you’re looking to get from the cameras.

In the near future (hopefully) Wyze will offer a plan called Cam Plus Unlimited.

A limited number of Wyze user’s are the test base for this product.

See this post for details: Cam Plus Unlimited

Cam Plus Unlimited gives you 99 licenses for $99/yr. I have 24 cameras so it is a great deal, glad I got in the limited test group before it ended

Still have room for 75 more cameras…LOL
Doubt I will get anymore though as I have 2 V3’s I am still deciding where to place.


Now you are talking. Thanks!