Wyze plans

Can someone clarify all the paid plans.
I have Cam Plus - $99 annually

I see Cam Protect for some more camera features about $39 per camera annually.

Are there any other plans that prohibit use of features besides these?

Is Cam Protect considered full monitoring and all cameras features?

So with 5 cameras so far, the total known cost would be $99 Cam Plus and $240 for Cam Protect, total approximately $340 annually for 5 cameras. More if cameras are added.

$340 would be comparable to my current full monitoring services monthly, except they knockoff a months fee, if paid annually.

Is that it? No other hidden fees, plans etc. unless you add more cameras?

Works with all cameras and doorbells?

Is Wyze monitoring dependable and worth having for the cost and extra camera features?

I’m considering dumping the monitoring I have, I can tell my cell phone to call 911 pretty quick and I am prepared for home defense if necessary. But, it has it’s potential uses for fire and when not at Home etc.

Cam Plus is for the use of the AI Video Upload tagging. Back to back videos, no cooldown, Full AI.

Cam Protect is professionally monitored security software using cams as the video sensors. I believe Cam Protect is limited to 5 cams if I remember right. I can’t subscribe to Cam Protect because I subscribe to the HMS. Those are the only two subscriptions that I know of that conflict.

The HMS system I have is monitored thru the same monitoring company, Noonlight, and they are very responsive and dependable.

I don’t think the cams are professionally monitored for fire. You can have your cams listen for the sound of a smoke or CO detector and send you a Push notification, but that is a basic feature of the cam without any subscription.


To add to this:

Cam Plus Lite is a pay what you want plan that adds 15-second cloud event videos and Person detection to Wyze Cam v1, v2 and v3, Wyze Cam Pan v1 and v2, and Wyze Cam Outdoor v1 and v2. One subscription covers ALL cameras of those models.

Sprinkler Plus adds AI to the sprinkler controller schedules. It can be purchased separately or is also included in the Home Monitoring Service.

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Thanks for the replies. I have Cam Plus and was trying to figure out what else turned on other app features and if I actually really needed any more.

I don’t have a sprinkler and Cam Plus covers all cameras I think including the two Pan V3s I just put up. I don’t have any of the previous models covered by Cam Plus lite.

Maybe Cam Protect or Home Monitoring down the road. TBD if and when needed.

I did eventually find a comparison of plans on the Wyze web site. I have another issue to report, but I’ll search first and then post.

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Oh, and if you have 5 or more cameras you want to have the Cam Plus benefits with, get Cam Plus Unlimited instead of just Cam Plus. It will cover up to 99 cameras for the price of 5…so it’s like every camera over the 5th one is totally free. I went with that option. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I bought the $99 annual model and presume it’s the unlimited version. I’m already up to 5. :joy: And as inexpensive as they are and my addiction to tech toys, there probably will be more.


Yes, that’s the same one I got. It is worth it IMO.