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Hello everyone, it’s been a long time. Anyway , I’m going back and forth on if I should get the monitoring system and weather to stick with self monitoring or pay the yearly fee. I have been looking for prices of how much it would cost per month but some videos in 2022 I get $5/month and other I get $10/month, which is it? Plus, it’s not only the monthly fee for the system but a fee for cam plus? or am I wrong? Also, can I do self monitoring or do I need to pay a month fee for monitoring ?
I’ve lived in my area for 15 yrs with no issues, but it only takes one time and that’s why I’m thinking about a system and since I already have 5 cameras, I’ll stay with wyze, I have had no issues with wyze.

So If I want self monitoring, will the system still work just with cam plus or cam plus pro?

The HMS does NOT have a Self Monitoring function.

Without the paid subscription, there is no keypad functionality whatsoever and no way to Arm or Disarm the system… No siren, no settings, no home or away, no chime control.

Every setting in the Monitoring Settings tab accessible with the HMS paid subscription is lost.

The HMS Subscription is $9.99 per Month:

Affordable Professional DIY Home Security Monitoring, and Alarm System – Wyze.

With the HMS subscription, you get one complimentary no fee annual subscription to CamPlus for one cam. All additional CamPlus subscriptions must be purchased:

Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code

See above. There is no self monitoring. The hub will work with the sensors but only to the extent that each sensor is able to be integrated into rules and routines for hime automation and send push notifications.

You can integrate 5 cams into the HMS with the subscription. You cannot without it.

CamPlus is independent and seperate of the HMS subscription and will work on any cam. The HMS subscription is incompatible with CamPlus Pro. You cannot have both (2) monitoring product subscriptions on your account. You may have one or the other.

@SlabSlayer , thank you for replying. so for $120 a year you get the HMS, and you are saying I would also have to get cam plus or cam plus pro for $1/67/ month or $20/ year per camera for a total of around $150/year?
Am I correct?

never mind, I read you response with having both the system and cam plus pro by having one or the other. now another question, they are advertising the new v3 like a security alarm by it connecting to police? or is that with the original v3 also? or is this even true?

Using the cam as your monitoring system is CamPlus Pro.

This uses the same monitoring company as the HMS, Noonlight, who will notify you of an alarm and dispatch police if you do not provide your safe word and disarm the alarm.

oh ok, now I understand, cam plus pro for my cameras is like an alarm system.

Now what I have to figure out is if the HMS is worth it or just do cam plus pro for at least two of my cameras

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Yes. HMS uses the Sense Hub with V2 Contact and Motion sensors and is essentially a Professionally Monitored DIY installed Home Security System.

CamPlus Pro is a Professionally Monitored Security Cam with Friendly Faces Facial Recognition, only for it’s field of view.

You will need to do a cost benefit analysis based on the features you need.

@SlabSlayer thank you very much for your time. You answered my questions, and yes now I have to do s cost analysis depending what I need.

thanks again.

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My pleasure! Good Luck! :crossed_fingers:

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One other thing to note, if you want to self monitor you can get HMS but leave the system in test mode. Then Noonlight is not involved.

You still pay the subscription, but you maintain the use of the keypad and Siren in the base.

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@spamoni4 AHH!, I like that. I have some decisions to make. thank you

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