Event Recording with Home Monitoring

Hello everyone,
According to this link - https://my.wyze.com/compare - I should get unlimited video length, back to back recordings and cloud storage up to 14 days and basically when compared with Basic plan, Cam Plus and Cam Protect, the home monitoring plan seems like all in one package which means if I have it then I do not need any other subscriptions - be it even recording or pet detection or anything else. I do have home monitoring plan however it doesn’t give me recoding options. Please help me - either I am interpreting this link wrong or there is an issue with my service.

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Last I checked, Home Monitoring has only ONE CamPlus subscription for ONE camera. If you have more cameras you need more CamPlus licenses.

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Thanks for the reply. Do you have any official link that says one cam plus for one camera when we purchase home monitoring subscription? I do not see any free cam plus subscription - I purchase HM a week back only. Is this offer still on or how can I add it?

In your Account Tab, click Services. Then select the Cam Plus banner. Do you see any Cam Plus Subscriptions there?

Here is where it shows that you get a Cam Plus Bonus Plan (that’s on one cam):

You can add up to 5 cams as “Security Cams” within the HMS Monitoring tab. But, if you want them to have Cam Plus, you will need to purchase a subscription and add your additional cams to it.

From the FAQs: Wyze Home Monitoring FAQ – Wyze Labs, Inc

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Thanks, here is what I see on Cam Plus banner. when I hit try Cam Plus it asks for payment.

Have you setup Home Monitoring? You should have one CamPlus license available. I no longer subscribe to monitoring so I don’t have access to the settings

I concur w\ @WildBill.

If the Home Monitoring is showing as a subscription in the Services page under the Mone.Monitorig banner (scroll to the right), and the HMS has been setup in the Monitoring tab, there should be one “Bonus Cam Plus” subscription showing under the Cam Plus banner.

If you have the HMS subscription up and running already, I would suggest calling Customer Support and opening a support ticket.

Wyze Customer Support
(206) 339-9646 or (581) 500-1166 (Canada)

Yes HM is already setup, I can arm/disarm as well

See @SlabSlayer post above…