Home Monitoring camera number

If I have six cameras, will signing up for Home Monitoring enable the CamPlus features on all of those cameras?

I understand that only 5 cameras can be used to trigger a 911 call, but I just want person detection and longer event recording on the 6th camera.

If I get Home Monitoring, would I need to pay the full cost of CamPlus for that 6th camera to Person Detection and longer event recording on the 6th camera?

There’s a lot to unpack here.

We have 4 subscription plans. 2 of them have professional monitoring to trigger a 911 call, but only one works with Cameras and it does not have an Unlimited plan option.

I highly recommend that you choose the Cam Plus Unlimited plan which does not have 24/7 professional monitoring, but does cover unlimited cameras with person detection and cloud video recording.

You can purchase that here.

If you are looking for professional monitoring with 911 emergency support, I highly recommend our Wyze Home Monitoring system. You can purchase that here.

Is there a discount to add Camera Protect for a camera that is already covered by Camera Plus unlimited?

Does Home Monitoring provide Cam Plus features on 5 cameras?

Don’t get home monitoring. Worst customer services you’ll ever receive and it stops working randomly and they tell you they can’t fix it they are closing the ticket out and your out of luck. Happened to me and multiple people on here. Stay away.