Does Wyze Home Monitoring come with 4 Cam Plus subscriptions?

I seem to remember seeing this in a Wyze newsletter. However, I am only having cam plus on one of my cameras. Any help?

You can have up to 5 cams assigned to your HMS setup (ATM), but they only give you one (1) Cam Plus subscription with HMS.


What if I wanted 10 cameras?

You can get a 10 license bundle for cam plus.

For CamPlus or HMS? HMS has a limit of 5 cameras, but you can have more for non-HMS purposes.

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As an example, I have the HMS subscription and 12 cams on a CamPlus bundle subscription. All 12 cams capture AI motion events and send me notifications. All but my doorbell cam records continuous to their SD Cards.

Only 5 of my most important cams, the ones patrolling entryways, are integrated within the HMS Monitoring tab (limit 5), although that really doesn’t add any special functionality at this point. Noonlight cannot access or view cams and cams cannot trigger an alarm. Likewise, the HMS cannot trigger any automation rules on the cams.

Hope this helps! Be safe and well!