Am I limited to 5 cams on HMS but can have more cams just not through hms?

I have 5 cams plus flood cam can all be on hms - home monitoring Security

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The HMS is limited to 5 cams designated as “Security Cams” which provide limited added functionality to the base cam’s features.

I have the HMS and 5 of my most critical Security cams are loaded although I have many other cams on my account.

I have all my cams on CamPlus. You will get 1 free CamPlus license with the HMS license.


What do you mean limited functionality of the cameras?

No, I said “Limited ADDED functionality”

Even without the HMS, the cams already have the capability of sending notifications to you for Person Detection (CamPlus or Lite Required), CO alert, Smoke Detector Alert, and Motion Detection. So being able to set those as a “Threat Alert” within the HMS on your 5 cams isn’t adding any functionality. I have mine set, but have never received a Threat Alert. I get all the cam notifications though through my cam settings. Getting both would be redundant.

You do get a special Security Cam View, with event indicators, within the Monitoring tab for your 5 cams, but I have found that it rarely streams the live view so I never use it. It is also quicker to just group the 5 and jump to the group view.

Good point thanks for the clarification.

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