Beyond 5 camera capacity, I can use up to 7 v3 cam's so far

Please update per this post 02 Sept 2022 when info is available about camera capacity. I bought 10 v3 cam’s and would like to use all 10 when Wyze support’s it. I am impressed with the cam’s and Cam Plus plan

Welcome to the forums! Where are you seeing this limit? There is no limit to what you can setup in an account.


I don’t understand your query. I have about 30 operational Wyze cameras including V2, V3, and Pan.
Can you better explain what you see as a limit?

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No limit, I have 16 V3’s and 8 V2’s all online.
My CamPlus Unlimited supports 99 cams, so I still have room for more,as%20%E2%80%9CSecurity%20Cameras%E2%80%9D%20simultaneously.

I’ve reached out to my internet service provider and they’ve said that I shouldn’t have limitation’s on my devices, I wonder why I can only get up to 7?

So your trying to use the Home Monitoring Service HMS, is that what your saying?. Yes that has a limit to the amount of cameras that the home monitoring service itself can use. HMS is an add-on sevice for your Wyze account that adds professional monitoring to a location and uses your cameras and sensors to trigger its alarms.

Your Wyze account can have any number of cameras and devices added, If you don’t use the professional monitoring HMS and just use cameras on your system and your account you are not limited to the number of cameras you can have on your account.

You may be limited by your home networking equipment and internet service to a certain bandwidth or certain number of Wi-Fi client connections But that’s another conversation, sounds like you just want more than five cameras on your account, which you can do.


Ok, you’re correct, I’m not using the dedicated home security system. I’ll finagle with my Amplifi mesh network, I don’t think it’s limiting my devices as it supports 200 or so devices by default. Thanks

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So you are good to go to add as many as you have/want. Hit the plus in the upper left of the app home page and away you go :slight_smile:

Just so that there is no lost in translation, the add on professional monitoring service Wyze offers is the “Home Monitoring Service” or HMS.


Ah! I need to step it up! I’m getting close to 30, but just a tad under that at the moment…I’m falling behind!

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That made me double check. My latest camera number is 35, but I have three V2s and one V3 that have died, and one V3 that I killed, That leaves me 15 operational V2s, two operational Pan, and 13 operational V3s. That does not count the black V2 on my Wyze Car. So 31 operational cameras.


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I might actually be over 30 something if I count all the cams I have that aren’t currently live…I’d have to check.


We had that one user that was reselling CamPlus off their unlimited license and thought they were legitimately running a business with service technicians and all. They went silent, maybe Wyze’s terms of service caught up with them…:thinking:

I found out I had 1 cam v3 that wasn’t working correctly which is being replaced free of charge by Wyze, also, I enabled bridge mode on my Amplifi Home mesh WiFi device linking it to the WiFi router modem provided by my internet service provider. 9 cameras are working properly with no problems. I know that #10 cam will work so it’s all good. These cam’s are on par with competitor’s charging triple the price plus the Cam Plus plan at $99.00 for 99 cam’s is epic!


Just to summarize this thread and provide clarification for those reading in the future…

Wyze does support it, the issue here was a home network setup issue.

Glad you got it working!