Camera limit per (free) account + Multiple Locations


I am an IT guy for a small company, and my supervisors are looking to install a single stand-alone camera at each of our dealership locations. The wyze cam v3 seems absolutely perfect with the genius SD card continuous recording option available. However, before proceeding, I would like to know if there is a limit on how many cameras we can have linked to a single account that can be viewed on a tablet without a premium subscription? Also, I want to know if this will at all be affected by the fact every single camera will be at a different location?



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I’ve never heard of a limit. Different locations are fine; just be aware that each camera needs to be set up on the SSID it will live on. Some notes:

  1. This is an end-user forum only so little posted here is authoritative.

  2. The terms of service for CamPlus may prohibit commercial use (though you are not planning to subscribe)

  3. The stock Wyze app can only display 4 cameras at a time, and only works on iOS or Android.

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I see, well I still appreciate customer input as well. I will be sure to review the ToS before proceeding with purchase.

As for the limit, you say the “stock Wyze app”. Does that mean that the premium subscription will unlock unlimited/additional cameras on the app? Or is the 4 cam viewing hard coded in?

Or are you are saying it can only display 4 cameras AT ONCE and not in general? We would only be checking 1 camera at a time, but we would like to be able to view ALL of our cameras at all of our locations on the app, NOT at the exact same time, but still more than 4 cameras for sure.



EDIT: Newshound answered it, 4 at a time, but still unlimited cameras viewable on app, just not at once.

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There is no limit I am aware of for the number of cameras assigned to an account. No problem with every cam being at a different location either.

12-second events are stored to the cloud by default. You can extend that time with a Cam Plus subscription, but you can also just use the event to find the corresponding footage on the SD card. That’s the way I do it.

The app can only display 4 cameras at a time, but you can just swipe left to see another 4. :slight_smile:


No limits, I would add cam + to all cameras

Actually I was thinking of TinyCam for Android. It’s a wonderful app that supports Wyze cameras. It can display up to 16 live cameras at once. Even the free version will probably suffice.

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The features listed on Cam+ seem pretty irrelevant to my company’s needs. Is there a specific reason you suggest this?

Nothing you posted really presents your company’s needs other than one camera at each of multiple locations. How will the cameras be used? Only during the day to be monitored by one person at a remote location? Alerts at night for people or movement? Recording continuously to the SD Card? RTSP?