How many cameras are allowed with cam plus lite?

There are currently 4 cameras connected with cam plus lite. I can see my fifth camera (v2) when I select +cameras but it will not add to my list. Is there a limit as to how many cameras are allowed here?

Is it a V2 Wyze Outdoor Camera? Those haven’t had the capability added yet.


Hi, my outdoor cams and one of the v2 indoor cams connect just fine, but my other indoor cam can’t be added.

What version of the Wyze app are you running?

Wyze app Home > Account > About

I have 14 cameras with CamPlus Lite, so I don’t think there is any limit. Must be something else. Are any assigned to CamPlus or CamPlus Pro?


2.29.2 (127)

No other services , just lite

Would you post a screenshot from the app showing the cameras assigned to CamPlus Lite?


No, sorry, I guess I can’t move the screenshot to the reply box

When you are done typing your reply to @WildBill, click the UP arrow in the lower right of the text window. That should load your Android files\camera option, chose files, then images, then screenshots (upper left) you can then locate the screenshot you took. Tap it and it will automatically upload it and insert it into your post.


Thx, that didn’t look like i could do anything with it before…


U might have been restricted until after a couple posts and your trust level came up.

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So what happens when you check :heavy_check_mark: the greenish blue (cyan) box?

I check the box to add, click close, and nothing happens other than Available Cameras closes and it returns to the cameras screen.

What firmware version is on your Family Room cam?

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That’s the latest for a Cam v2 and should be good. :+1:

Do you have another phone or tablet that you can use?

I tried on my tablet with same results.
I think I’ll delete the cam and re-add the device

This happened to me too. For me, it was my 9th camera, so I thought there was a limit of 8. After messages back and forth with Support, and the last time they wanted me to send detailed logs, I decided to delete the camera, and reinstall. Works fine now.

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You can have up to 100 cameras on cam plus lite, but you can only have 4 cameras on each base or antenna.


Wyze keep turning iff event detections in my account