Home Monitoring - Increase 5 cam limit for Security Camera feature

Please increase the Home Monitoring Security Camera limit to 6 (min).

I have 6 entry points and have to choose which one to leave out.

I know others may have more and how many are too many?

Well that’s up to you folks.

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I’d like to assign at least 10 cams to the HMS Security Camera feature.


I could easily do 8 or 9 myself.


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I always forget, to do that !

Lucky me,
I don’t forget, to vote in the US regularly, since 1976 !


This has my vote.
I wonder why it is limited to 5 cameras. It doesn’t seem like there is any extra cost or anything.


I gave you a vote… But TBH, I really don’t know what benefit there is to adding a Cam to the HMS as a security cam in the first place. I have 5 cams added and find the feature useless.

Every single function that is available within the HMS Security Cams feature is a redundancy to the Cam’s native ability.

  • The HMS Security Cam can send a “Motion” alert… So can the cam… “Motion Detected”.
  • The HMS Security Cam can send a “Person” alert, which requires Cam Plus… So can the cam… “Person Detected”.
  • The HMS Security Cam can send a “CO\Smoke” alert… So can the Cam.
  • The HMS Security Cams can send “Threat Alerts”… The cams already do this in their Device Notifications. If I turn this on, now I get two notifications.
  • The Monitoring UI will show the cam Live streams consolidated in one page… If the cam Live streams actually ever decided to load, which they don’t. I can see the Live Stream for all 5 cams at once with one click by grouping them and clicking the group. Why would I want to click the Monitoring Tab, wait for it to load, then scroll down and click “More” just to wait again for the streams to never load?

If someone has a gee wiz use for it that I am completely missing, please educate me.

I love that the cams assigned to HMS drive the home screen widget color change and the widget text provides the basic info that tells me whether I need to open the app and investigate or not. One tap on the widget and I’m in HMS with security camera feature-only events. No need to search the events tab. It’s a time saver for me.


For one thing, I can now have these cameras in 2 entirely different groups :wink: That is very useful. I have 40 cameras. Being able to have them grouped by location is helpful, but then being able to have a second group of “Priority cameras” that can all be selected from different locations and groups, is really useful. I love that.

Another benefit is that I can have 2 different levels of alerts. I do get person detections from certain cams all the time, but this makes those alerts stand out during ARMED periods and I can treat HMS ALERTS differently than normal person detections for the same camera.

Also, convenience of seeing just events from those 5 cameras instantly without having to reset filters every time.

Also, as Seapup mentioned, there are widget benefits.

And lastly, there is no real reason to restrict it to just 5.


The widget may be one benefit. I don’t use it. Far too much real estate wasted. My Home Screen is 6x5 with 25 groups and one row of high use icons along with the locked base row. It is a 2x2 button that takes up a 3x3 block that 9 icons could fit in. And, since I don’t use it, I don’t know how it changes with Security Cam Threat Alerts. I have placed it on a 5th blank home screen to see if I can find a use for it.

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The recommendation is to use these for outward facing cams as an early alert. Fine. I have Floodlight Pros on three sides of my house and it won’t let me use those for this feature.


100% agree!!! I also have 6 Floodlight Pros on 3 sides of my house I’d like to use these on!