Price of Nest Aware compared to Wyze Cam Plus

I was browsing around to check the competition and noticed that Nest Aware goes for $6 for all cameras.

Subscriptions start at just $6 a month for all the Nest cameras, speakers, and displays in your home.

We are just about to move to a new home. Combined I own over 10 wyze cams. I need a few to fully cover the outside, a few for the inside to monitor our pets, 1 for the garage to monitor our Amazon Key deliveries.

I love the CamPlus idea and I don’t mind subscribing to it but can we expect a change in the pricing in the future. Perhaps $1.25 per cam up to $6-7 total? What do you guys think?

There’s a wishlist item for it here:

Getting the cost down for an all camera subscription may be hard because Wyze isn’t making high profit on the cameras.