Minimum Router Requirements

Wyze should publish a “minimum system requirements” technical sheet. Older AC protocol routers have some ability to manage multiple devices, but unlikely. Newer AX routers and MESH systems can handle the traffic of high demand (i.e. dozens of devices) hitting WiFi at the same time and adequately manage and prioritize traffic.

I realize that Wyze would have to do some extensive setup / testing to understand this and it may not be in their “bandwidth” or on their priority list. I think the Community has enough tech savvy people that we could get you “pretty close”. The way to go about it is to ask:

  1. What are your router specs?
  2. How many Wyze devices do you have on that router?
    2a. What types & how many of each?
  3. Do you have any extenders / MESH devices? If so, what are the specs on that?
  4. Rate your overall continuity of connectivity on a scale of 1-10 based with a 10 being “flawless connection all the time”.

First of all, your question has very little to do with routers, and everything to do with WiFi access points. Yes, many people are using a single box that has both functions, but it’s the WiFi that you are asking about.

Now, to answer your questions. For access points, I currently have two Meraki MR34 and one MR42 that have Wyze cameras connected to them. These are older enterprise grade 802.11ac access points. All three act as gateways unless a LAN connection fails at which time the AP will operate with the others as a mesh node. I have a total of about 40 IoT devices on my WiFi - mostly Wyze cameras and a few outdoor outlets. There are also four Echo Dots, a few other brand switched outlets, and anywhere from two to 10 phones, tablets, or laptops.
I wish I could rate the Wyze experience as a 10, but it’s not (and it’s the Wyze, not the APs (other stuff works flawlessly). When using the Wyze app, I would give it about an 8, and with RTSP, about a 4.

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Hey @rocker60

This topic may be of interest.

And this very fresh ‘news’ from Wyze staff the other day:

For all practical linguistic purposes, “router” will suffice for the discussion because the vast majority of people buying will buy a single device for router and WiFi access. But information on other options is helpful, You’re correct that there are many ways to set up the network and that may involve lots of components. The intent is to keep the technicality of the discussion “low grade” to encourage discussion.

Less interested in the rating of Wyze for this thread than the rating of the performance of your network setup. Being able to analyze what people have (as you’ve provided good detail) may help them to figure out how to make their equipment perform better

  1. Currently running a TP-Link AX6600. AC-1900 DID NOT cut it. Specs are readily available on TP-Link site
  2. Currently 18 Wyze V3 cameras, one doorbell and 4 plugs
  3. TP-Link RE-650 extender. Specs are readily available on TP-Link site
  4. Connectivity went from about a 2-3 out of ten for the AC-1900 with the RE-650 to a 9 out of 10 for the AX6600 with the RE-650.

I wouldn’t ever use an ISP provided router/wifi. No configurability. No control. Poor performance. Overpriced for what is provided.