Has anyone setup all of their cams and/or IoT's onto a diff AP?

I think we’re all getting to that limit of too many devices for these under powered consumer level router/AP’s can handle thus many dropouts and connectivity issues.

I’m about to embark on separating all of my cams and IoT’s onto a diff AP and was wondering if anyone has already done this?

PS> already tried the least used channel, extenders, closer to devices, reduce bandwidth etc. and also the security aspect too.

No, but keep in mind that technically “AP” means just an access point, implying you are still on the same network with the IP addressing distributed from the same central router. I’m guessing you mean using a second router/AP combo and letting it issue its own addresses. So the real question becomes how well Wyze works with double NATting. I would guess it would be fine?

yes so the chain looks like:
ISP (cable/DSL) → Modem → Router / AP → Wifi devices
_Router (diff subnet) / AP → IoTs / Cams

so your 2nd router simply is off the main. this is to “load balance” off the main router of the burdensome heavy LAN streaming.

Possibly a 3rd router/AP combo for just IPTV devices.

Main router used for VPN/work

Ideally isolating similar device clusters for better bandwidth/efficient session control/security.

Not sure what is ideal but using a single router for everything sure doesn’t seem to work. I’m already doing this with a consumer router/AP and a Unfi AP separating out my NAS network for greater control of access and speed.

Still working through things.

I also have separate subnet for IoT dev using 8266s what have you.

Yea, so my needs are little unusual and demanding. Not to mention my neighbors hate me since I’m broadcasting over 10 diff SSID’s :slight_smile:

Yes I have three AP’s setup, one for IoT stuff, one for work, one for guest access and streaming.

I use four routers/APs.
My cameras aren’t on their own router but I do have all TVs and media boxes on one router.
It’s easier to maintain but everything does bottlenect through the main router to get to the Internet.

Dear angus.black,

that sounds very incredible and I need to do it. Would you mind going over the details ?

i truly think this type of setup is the future of home network as we are getting too many devices.

I don’t think people realize it’s not just the bandwidth but number of connected devices. For each connection, the router/AP’s very limited cpu/ram can handle only so many concurrent connections.

Yes, a central switch is needed of course but as long as its a gigabit connection of 8 ports, you should be ok?

My current thoughts and possible setup is: (2) TPLink 1750 and a Unfi AP AC LR. Not sure which to put onto which… Unifi seems as flakey as the TPLink strangely enough.

So if you could share some details of your setup would be much appreciated!!


Sure. I’ll do what I can.