Separate Wifi router for Wyze Products?

With most home security systems, it is recommended to use a separate router. But these cams/devices don’t seem to use too much broadband. Think I’m safe keeping them on my main network? Using TP-link’s X60 mesh, with hardwired connections. Have 2 v3 cams, one v1, and getting an outdoor cam, ringer and thermostat soon.

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An HD stream from a camera in live view might generate 150KB/s. That’s 1.2Mb/sec, if the uppercase ‘B’ is Bytes. So, it would take a little over 40 cameras live steaming at once to get to 50% of the 100Mbit/s ‘real-world’ throughput of a single-stream 150Mbps 802.11n network. So I don’t think a separate router is necessary for speed.

Maybe they are making that recommendation for security? But then you would still need to take steps to isolate that network. A cable modem can usually only have a single device connected to it, so your only other option would be to make it a subrouter of your primary router. Offhand, I don’t know how to isolate a subrouter (may be possible tho).

If you are only talking about that isolation, another option would be to simply use the Guest network for all IoT devices, if your router provides one. Unfortunately, I suspect then the live streams would no longer go point-to-point inside your local network as they do now, but would instead be routed to Wyze servers and back again. Pretty inefficient, but ‘somewhat’ more secure? You are trading one security risk for another.

Personally, I have all my devices (and there are MANY) on my primary network. If you run into an addressing issue where your router won’t serve more than a fixed number of devices (like 32?), then you may want to add a subrouter to get around that limitation (or just buy a more modern router).


I also have all of my Cameras and Devices on my Primary Network with no issues at all. I do have 2 cautionary tales though. But before I go into the issues I had, I would go with the estimate @Newshound provided in his write up. Very Knowledgeable on all things Wyze. :slight_smile:

Here goes

  1. I used to have the TPLink Deco X60, but when 3 or more Cameras Had Live Events going on I was unable to Live Stream any Camera or VDB with the exception of the WCO. I since replaced the X60 with the Asus ZenWiFi AX XT8 and don’t seem to have that issue anymore. All other Network devices worked fine on the TPLink, but that is not to say that there was something else causing the issue. Just wanted to pass this on. Wanted to let you know in case you experienced similar issues.

  2. I recently ran into an issue where each of my 5 V3 Camera’s streamed an average of 5GB of data in 1/2 hours. That is 25GB of data for 1/2 hour of Live Events being recorded. This is not the norm and don’t want to alarm you - just wanted to let you know my recent experience. However, I am also Beta Testing the latest Firmware for the Cameras which could be the issue. I submitted logs to Wyze and DM’d the appropriate individuals. They are looking at this before releasing FW updates to the V3’s. You should not have this issue as it would have been reported by many other individuals. By no means is this the norm, I tend to believe it is something with the Beta Firmware I am testing.


An isolated network is usually for security and to free up wireless broadband. I usually do have a guest wifi setup, but the security features with the X60 mesh routers is pretty impressive, so i might stick with one network. My cable modem goes to an actual router(not wifi), then goes to multiple rooms in the house. In those rooms i have unmanned switches with computers, tv and the mesh AP’s all hardwired. To have a separate network for Wyze, I’d just use my “old” tp-link archer C1900 in a central location of the house, directly from the router. Maybe go that route if there is an issue, and not create more work for myself? Lol

I’m still a pretty basic Wyze user, i don’t even have sd cards in the cams, we just view them as baby cams. But we plan on adding more, especially the door bell and outdoor cams, where I do want to record. But that is still different than the streaming that you’re talking about? I only plan on looking at the short segments/clips. I also have my tp-link ac1900 which is amazing!!! Maybe if i have issues with the x60’s and wyze, I’ll hook up my old router? I have just about everything hardwired. My modem goes to a router(not wifi), then to rooms with switches and the x60’s in AP mode(ethernet backhaul). So i think that i should be fine, but good to know about your issues, and that i have a backup plan. :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Sounds great. Mine are outside and picks up a lot of traffic especially when work is being done around the house. I had no backup router, but the TPLink ac1900 is a great router as well. There are a number of individuals who uses those and don’t have any issues.

I also had Ethernet Backhaul setup, works great and speed is awesome.

You should be good to go. Just wanted to share an issue I had. I still have the X60’s in case.

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I appreciate it!!! I learn from other people having issues. Another person with x60’s said they had to disable the 5ghz when adding a wyze device. I probably would have eventually figured it out, but it saved me a lot of time!! :slight_smile:

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I never had to disable it. I simply made sure my phone was on the same WiFi and added the device with no issues. Phone was on 5Ghz Device was on 2.4Ghz

I have read where some individuals turned off the Cell Service for things to work, but I didn’t have to do that either.

Try as is first. BTW: If you had them connected already and keep the same SSID and PWD, the devices will just connect and you won’t need to do anything then. However, don’t forget that the SSID is case sensitive so make sure it is named exactly the same way your original router was.

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I have an old home with lathe and plaster and range has always been an issue. The mesh system is what I use for all IOT and Wyze sense hub. I also turned off the 5 ghz wifi. Many of my problems went away with these two changes.

Like, you separate WIFI router.
Put all Wyze sensors on Sense Hub. (I was blown away with only a 10 MB connection)
However, without cameras on the Sense Hub, it should be fine.

Color bulbs go offline frequently.
Color bulbs cannot be firmware updated on a mesh network. (drove me crazy)

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We currently have 12 wifi cameras,8 wifi plugs,6 wifi light bulbs,3 cell phones,3 desktop computers, 2 tablets, 3 iPad and we have no issuse,

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wow, awesome, that is good to know, thank you!!!

I’ve taken the opposite track. I have a wired router connected to my ISP router which is configured with three isolated subnets: primary, guest and IOT. I have firewall rules which allow devices on the primary network to connect to devices on the other two. I did this for security reasons and for performance issues. I use some wifi routers as access points so that I can isolate the wifi traffic as well since I have way too many devices (wired and wireless) on my network.


That is the route that I planned on going as well. But i moved from in the city, to the suburbs/rural area, and have less neighbors and visitors. Plus, i’m not streaming 4k yet, so i’ll likely isolate networks later on. Anything that uses a lot of broadband, is hardwired with CAT6. Installing a NAS soon, will likely use the most broadband, as well as probably stream movies to the tv and do computer backups at night. But i’m trying “future proof” my network. Using a gig port router, with CAT6 and gig port switch, with the mesh wifi on ethernet backhaul, I don’t see issues for a while… But my kids are also only 1 and 3, and 4k content is scarce. Who knows later on… My internet speed is 200mbps, so the current setup is more than fast enough…
My old house, I had everything running through my tp-link ac1900, including a wireless bridge to my elderly neighbors across the street, so they could use their tablets and occasional Netflix if they weren’t watching antenna tv, and it kept up great, with my old modem throttling my internet to 175mpbs… lol

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@richiemoe , I am planning to do something similar. However, I was going to exit the cable modem to a Ubiquiti Edge Router (not wifi). All exits from the Edge Router would got to Ubiquiti managed switches, then to AP’s and direct cable connects. I have two questions for you.

What is your opinion of this setup?
How would you subnet this setup for isolation purposes.

Note: My mesh router only has IOT’s, Wyze cameras, and Wyze security devices hooked up to it.

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I’m using the ER-10x for this. Works great. From there I have multiple wifi routers running DD-WRT as access points for various subnets for IOT, Guest and my main network.

what is your bandwidth and wifi router model ?

I am using the ASUS ZenWiFi AX XT8 Mesh Router setup. I have FiOS Gigabit connectivity and have replaced my FiOS router with these devices. One of my Nodes has died and am waiting on the replacement to come in.

I also have the TPLink Deco x60 setup. This is a great Mesh Setup as well, but I did experience streaming issues. However, I never ran these in Router mode, I only ran them in Access Point mode. Since I am waiting on the replacement ASUS Node, I decided to hook the TPLinks backup in Router Mode and they seemt to be doing fine so far. I did experience an issues over night, but not sure if it was related to me updating my app with the latest Wyze Release or something else. So I went through a certain process when updating the App and/or Firmware and they all seem to be working better now. I think the issue may have been the app update for me.

My TPLinks speeds are as follows:

Router to Internet

Phone through Router to Internet (WiFi)

Note: My ASUS Speeds were comparable to what I just provided with one exception. The WiFi, 2nd Image, Upload speeds seem to stop around 200 give or take. I am not sure as to why yet. But I am not controlling a space shuttle or anything :slight_smile: . But using ASUS, all of my issues went away and things got better.

I believe @R.Good has the TPLink AC1900 Gaming Router.

Welll… actually I have 6 wyze cam, one wifi printer, 6 smarts switches, 4 laptops, 2 chromecast, 2 smartphone… around a 20 MBs internet connection (temporary until Fibe will arrive in the coming weeks, seems it) and ONE TP-LINK ARCHER A6 router… (32 wifi clients)… since I added 5 cams (from 2 to 6) i experienced connection drops… I think I should add another router (dedicated to wyze cam/switches) and increase my bandwidth to at least 50

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Currently I have 76 devices active and about 10 not active.

I have 15 Cameras online for testing and support as well. These are a mix of V2, V3, Doorbell and Doorbell Pro, and Pan Cams. Then add the HMS Hub and all of the Contact and motion sensors, Air Purifiers, T-Stat and associate Sensors, Plugs, switches, Alexa Devices, 5 Phones, 2 watches, printer, 4 computers and 2 tablets. I also have a Google TV Device and an Actual Google TV, Garage Door opener, and other devices I am forgetting… :slight_smile:

I am sure I am forgetting something here. But so far it has been rock solid. The x60 claims up to 150 devices connected and I believe the ASUS is more than that.

Given each webcam (v2 / v3) can use up to 1.2 mps… should you have 8 cams… you are using about 10 mbps… so if your bandwidth is about 25 you only have 15 mps remaining for two video conf etc. i think I should increase my bandidth and add another router to get: