Router suggestions for Wyze cameras

Getting ready to purchase two wyze floodlights and 4 of the V3 Pro cameras. I have Spectrum internet with Spectrum modem and router that is the latest Spectrum has. Any suggestions on which router or Mesh system recommended to ensure they stay online with all the other wireless items, Tv’s, Iphones, smart watches etc. Also be able to mount V3 Pro around my property in locations about 100-150ft from my actual house in a storage building. Thanks for any advice.

I have had great success with Netgear routers. I have my house set up with 8 cameras and a total of 32 devices connected to a RAX45. I set my mothers home up with 6 cameras and a total of 36 devices on an R8000. The 2.4 band is very strong and I do not experience drop outs at all. I am also using an old PC setup with bluestacks running tiny cam so I can view the cameras on a monitor 24/7 and only rarely have a camera go offline and it is just momentarily at that but I attribute that to the computer not the cameras.

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Thanks. I have Specturm internet and the latest Spectrum wireless router. Looking at putting cameras on outside around my house and hoping to put a couple in a building about 100 ft away from the house in my back yard. Have been reading about Mesh routers. Trying to figure out if after i get a Mesh type system would i plug that into the back of my current Spectrum wireless router which is very fast, or unplug the specturm router and plug a mesh type system base into the Spectrum modem. current setup has a Spectrum modem with a cable to a Spectrum wireless router. Running with current Spectrum setup i get 380Mbps on 5g in different locations in my house and 82Mbps on 2G but outside and in basement drops off quiet a bit and upstairs. House is 3 levels. Testing speed with couple of smart tv units running and a couple of iphones as well, all on the wireless network. I use 2G for the upper level tv, works better than 5G. Thanks for any advice.