Ease of Use & Reliability on Mesh Setups?

Hi -

After seeing a recommendation from several people on a community Facebook page, I just started looking into Wyze cameras. On a couple of Amazon reviews, I saw there was some concern about their reliability, when used on a mesh setup. I also tried doing a search of this forum, and got some hits that sounded similar, but they were technically way over my head.

My current setup is that I have 150MB service from the local cable provider. It comes into the house and an Arris DG860 WiFi router. I have that connected, via CAT5, to a Linksys Velop primary node, and then 2 satellite nodes connected to that via WiFi.

Is there anything I should be aware of, when trying to use the cameras on this setup? I just hate going through the process of getting something, getting it all where I want, then to start going through trouble getting it to work, or to start having connection issues.



I am running mine on a mesh network. In my case, I am using Open-Mesh OM2P access points with four of them scattered around the property. Under “normal” circumstances, three of them are gateway nodes and the fourth is a repeater, but in the event of failure of some part of the network, more may become repeaters. Just because of the physical locations of my nine cameras in relation to the AP, most are connected to one of the gateways, but one of the cameras is almost always connected to a repeater node (it’s about four feet away).

Note that the Wyze cameras tend not to do well connecting to dual band access points. they should just ignore the 5GHz, but my experience is that is not the case. I actually have two WiFi networks. One is all 2.4 GHz APs and the other is mostly dual band APs. I have a dedicated SSID on the 2.4 GHz network that connects to a dedicated VLAN on my networks.