Add IPv6 support?

Consider adding opt-in IPv6 interface support for WyzeCams?


I agree that IPv6 addressing support should be used by the Wyze devices. Both my ISP and my router offer, and I use, IPv6, whenever it is available. I wonder whether my intermittent connectivity problems with cameras (most often V1 devices) are related to IPv4 vs. IPv6 addressing?

Since the IPs are non-routeable, or only seen internally, is there any special reason to worry about IP6? I cannot see anyone in a home or small business running out of IPs.

I am just curious if I am missing out on an advantage that I am unaware of.

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You’re correct, a chief advantage of IPv6 is that of practically infinite addresses, which I’d agree is not an issue for home networks.
My home ISP (Mediacom) provides IPv4 & IPv6. By having an IPv6 address available on my home network, devices can be made reachable from outside with just a firewall change; no NAT-PAT configuration or potential performance hit.
In the grand scheme, really not huge deal, NAT-PAT vs. native global IP addressing, but in support of what made the Internet great (RFC 2775) it’d be nice to have the option for IPv6, if only to indulge the inner network nerd! : )

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